I have a extremely low opinion about BC

Why are they running all the time? Are they afraid of the conversation of the interrogation that they surely will fail. How man
boyfriends have you used up until this point. Have you been married and taking a mans home after divorce? How many times have you decided to leave a relationship and finally the kicker for me can you have children? While in my youth I dated as much as I could at least back then I had something to give  Nowadays I more or lest seem to still be fighting to get just percentages of what I deserve as if there is 95 percent assholes eating the rest preventing me from getting it. How do I get all these fuck tards from stealing my pie. Is there some way I could do this without sending them to jail so they want to kill or hurt me when they get out. That would seem like the biggest problem. All the powerful criminals of the world that believe they are entitled to someone elses wealth because they suffered imprisonment. There is something about fools that attain wealth constantly that makes my blood boil as they obstruct all the talented men from attaining. I have countless examples of men that have no dignity and lack of ethics that stay entrenched for long periods over a year in companies why good man after good man comes and goes. Why does this phenomenon happen. I can’t understand why management would appreciate a mindless drone or zombie to carry out day to day projects while the more productive person is ejected. One
theory of mine is that the company needs as many write offs as possible and labor being the biggest is key. The company will lose its biggest tax write off if it becomes more efficient. The company is profitable now that I shit canned the handful of brilliant minds and hired this group of fucking idiots. That’s sort of a general comment if you see yourself anywhere in there congrats your hired and we are fucking profitable again. Literally fucking profitable. So quickly I get at the heart of the problem too so is this a payroll issue with banks or is this a stop faking people order or a investigation please be clear with me. I need to know since I will never do anything about it and leak it to a agency that doesn’t exist which I created to leak information to another agency which doesn’t exist. What a pile of crap. I was born in Canada the fact I have a extremely low opinion about BC doesn’t mean with the right amount of time spent in other parts of Canada I will hate you less. Don’t get jealous I just haven’t leeched from your tax base yet give me time and I too can be hated as I siphon money from the ignorant wealthy that get money for nothing. I wonder if somehow when your wealthy does free money really make it the icing on the cake helping you find confidence in the fact you can bleed others around you before you heaven forbid have to spend your own. How old do you really have to become before you decide to stop saving all your wealth in RRSP’s for bank managers to spend for you. Wealthy retirees are the bread and butter of the financial
industry. RRSP’s are just another way for the bank to keep spending
money of yours without getting caught. I have tried helping my parents understand this but I think I’m wasting my time. I guess when your older you start taking pride in your ignorance and enjoy letting THE GROUP work with the bank very closely with tax free wealth objects such as these.
Take care my friend my tone has changed since Nowhere Near
Perfect. I’m not evil or angry I have just learned that everything in life
comes at a cost. Eventually everyone has to pay the piper. The piper
stole a communities children and sold them back to a evil town. I’m not the piper. I am however somewhere between businessman and GOD fearing fed up citizen. If enough people stole from the same place doesn’t make it right, but the fact no one wants to pay for the right to have objects in there store there is not much I can do about it. I write for me and only me. I don’t write things for you whoever you are unless you want to give me something. I know how that sounds! Almost like I expect something for my efforts. See that’s the problem. Regardless of right or wrong this is simple business as usual for me.

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