Take care in having the fastest most stable internet

Much like the isp’s you pay internet for I am a businessman and whether I am Ted Bundy who probably works for Shaw Cable anyway or the Saint Patron of Internet who probably is Mexican I deserve something. I wish the voices through my window would fuck the hell off. The fact its a memoir about me kind of forces me to talk well at least a little about me for fuck sakes. I realize your probably sick of me but that’s what a auto biography is. Are you stupid? Never mind. If your paying me for this and not a thief your brilliant in all of my books except the ones you stole. If you didn’t want them I’m sure someone smart and rich would of just returned them to my address. I keep hearing people tell me to do things as if this is going to result in me doing as they say. I wish I could tell all these people to take care in the fact I don’t value a fucking thing you have to say unless your 2 feet away talking to me. And in some cases your going to realize I’m  not fucking around anymore and nobody’s punching bag. I hope I never
failed anyone. Take care in the fact I am scared of no man or woman on the face of the entire plant. I don’t care if you think your the baddest man in the whole dam town and named Leroy Brown. I still am not backing down from the fact I basically have given every nickel and dime and aring myself and skills with anyone brave enough to see me for what I truly am. I am capable caring compassionate and resourceful not to mention I think I have friends I can’t see how much better can you get eh? When will the gravy train turn around and pick me up is what I ache for. Unfortunately it seems my ride just hooks up its cart of money posts a old picture of me on the side of it and rides out of town as fast as it can. How in the hell does being good at something especially the most busy industry in Canada work against me. What the fuck is being the best at some stupid industry that’s barely ever profitable and has extremely low margins and very low staffing requirements. I am not saying everyone should run the fuck out there and get forklift certificates because still your not going to unload 3 and a half pup trailers a day with a counterbalance and put them all away in a racking system with a Raymond reach and do some computer inventory control and customer service at the same time overnight. If you move 4000 skids a day chances are you have years experience handling freight. Of course that’s the problem. Why do we need 9 guys again. Then I realized its a time issue. Dammit all anyway I use to control all the receiving schedule before now shipping things too has just become too confusing. Reverse the system stick me in a factory and watch me have the most fun I have in years. So things actually go out? Take care in the factI really do think I can read your mind when your life depends on it. He deserved it. That’s a awesome job now. Thank GOD we have someone in there that is easy to work with now. Was that a an or an a and how many times do I have to say the same thing. Which is why I do it. I’m different you love
it. I’m not different in a good way either that’s Teksavvy. You know
there is a shortcut to a point there eh. Never mind I am sure you have
seen 10.22.*.* a thousand times on Teksavvys servers. Not that I am
keeping track. Maybe its just a Microsoft thing. Perhaps things that don’t exist are best routed somewhere in Washington near Redmond.
Take care in having the fastest most stable internet for one day it may get shut off for some magical reason and your banned for life. I don’t hack I once again did some things when I was younger I regret but take care my friend for I will never electronically snoop on my fellow countryman.
Let me take you back yet again un-chronologically to June 7″‘
2015. I was having lots of fun talking about myself and bragging about the silliest things aliens and biometrics and so much other stuff that doesn’t exist this was bound to happen. It felt as I sipped my beer unnervingly as I spoke jovial with what seemed like cops that were off duty. I recognized voices of what I thought might have been dispatchers and perhaps I was angry at the fact this is where they all congregated. Sure I might of acted up a bit but I thought It strange that all of them drove home without problems as I was pulled over and given a breathalyzer.

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