There must be some way they can be caught for no payment

I’m tired of doing the polices job for them. I really am. I seem
to get all the worst possible job in all of British Columbia in the most
busy industry out of spite to prove somehow the fuzzy bunny slippers with ears agency will never allow that to happen again. You know what I mean. I’m not saying that again. Sure I put a nice face on it but when I go in full garb everyone knows I’m all business and if you so much as touch any piece of my slippers or hat the gloves are off. I admit its more or less a gang but you love me! Whimsical funny deadly me. Shes more or less a killer and terrified of me even.
I don’t know why I write the things I do sometimes but I think its
just entertaining to be me. I keep trying to enlighten you and you keep repressing the fact I got a good thing going on here and once the cats out of the bag I am getting paid baby. Good lord I don’t think or would ever pretend to be JESUS either for the love of GOD. No I’ll make a different fish crest the water again that’s me. What’s a guy have to do to publish a book around here bring someone back to life. No sorry me again. Just let it go already, I’ll be back.
Where was I. Oh yes trying to be cool instilling confidence in
whoever dares read me waiting for the next idiot to try and kill me? No that really is a legitimate question. Back to take care though where was I. See how I did that I’m all over this correct grammar and spelling crap. Why would anyone deserve to see my words without compensation though. There must be some way they can be caught for no payment without long term consequences without me personally showing up to onfront them. They have been described by THE GROUP as people I shouldn’t talk to because they are dumb. I don’t agree with that thought. After all the 12 tribes were separated to the four corners of the universe once already why bother worrying about if I am trying something GOD was desperate to stop from happening. Man will advance and although I am not on the cutting edge of physics, or chemistry I still think there is something I can get paid from doing. Wow all I do is want to get paid already why would a hospital think they could ever be in charge of my care. It should be more like I am in charge of the care of my people on some level. You know it seems like just the other day I saw the Queen of England following me in a car near Campbell River, BC near Tim Horton’s. Surely she couldn’t be an aspect of compassionate care
following me ensuring I’m “OK”. I hate to think that woman are the
embodiment of evil and desperate to hide there financial lives though a man at the same time planing the oppression of all freedom of “ The
Peasants or Common People “. Well as far as conspiracies go if I’m right I’m sure this is a end of book moment as well as even end of chapter.
But wait kind sir, I have more to say about your Queen. Not really I’d
die for her too, I’m nearly positive. I think we shared a moment not a
James Bond moment but more or less a Mi10 moment. How much more powerful a moment I thought to myself because I’m not allow to tell a story or think to myself. My Kingdom for a book sale. Kevin James Katovic edition. Wait Wait I have so much more to say. The hospital seem to have a garden in it.
Are you familiar with gardens? There are many types of gardens. The guy/gal on dslreports talks about the bell garden all the time. There are gardens in the school systems and THE GROUP which hide them the best. I think I will let your imagination run wild with crazy examples of what I am talking about and how much I know about
them. No I’m sleeping on it.
The hospital seems to have the most elaborate gardens controlled
by evil low quality surgeons. No doctors only surgeons that operate of course. Why ruin a good thing.

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