Please don't take me seriously I know I don't

The best doctors know the human body will heal itself eventually but the best surgeons watch with eager eyes as the worst of there kind fail to deliver. Surgeons not doctors are a dying breed. The best have the worst job it would seem of policing themselves. Surgeons could hide there garden quiet well with again the aid of THE GROUP. The way things are going lately I feel as if a member of the pretenders are going to have the audacity to walk up to me in person and tell me hey buddy your a man don’t you know that your becoming so popular its inevitable eventually a woman is gonna kill you. Almost as if I will have some epiphany and realize that Farley Mowet didn’t die of
natural causes and he really was killed by some woman because he dared challenge my popularity. Think of men as a wheat germ ladies. We are capable of good and evil. Take the wrong part of us too much and it will kill you with our glutenous gooey goodness creating a blockage in your small and large intestine prevent even water itself from nutrating the body. Yet isn’t that something that syllium fiber to excess taken after nearly to the point of dying will actually save your life making everything magically pass and remove the blockage. Wonderbread your deadly and sandwiches I’m on to you don’t think you will get away with it. Men take pride in what they know, women take pride in what that don’t know and can’t get away with. Men hate secrets, women seem to love them right up until the point where it kills them. Nature amazes me that too much of one part of it can be deadly yet it takes the intelligence of mankind to find through experience what parts of it can save lives.  Men love making things complicated when there isn’t enough to do, women would rather hire a man to do that. Men love to keep busy, women love to live elegantly right up until the point where in order to keep their secret now they have to get there hands dirty. Men love this. Women not so much. I think there on to us. What is it with gluten anyway. GOD it tastes so good. But GOD shnilznit if you eat the entire package of Annettes donuts sandwiches takes you again. Heaven forbid you eat two packages then sirahnarah your toast but not toast since you
would of survived it if it was toasted but not if it was a bagel.
Stop killing people with welfare.
I’m sure that really didn’t need to be said. But just in case you
were trying to get over the fact you failed becoming popular enough to get a real job in the mainstay economy you failed. Complicated enough for this hospital. I suggest becoming a doctor like I did. Obviously I don’t have to prove this deviously intelligent person didn’t fake a letter that supposedly came from a hospital. You really need to be the best at everything in a rural area. It makes it easier too when your the only fucking person left in your age group. I’m sure all the seniors never killed anyone with there ignorance and lack of care for anyone other than themselves. Do I fear GODs judgment. Well we’ve talked I’m sure I will just change into something else and he will alter reality until I’m out of harms way while Satan burns up in a gooey firey mess. Now don’t make me relive the past again. I don’t want to claim to be anyone else pretending to not be a christian or catholic to evade GODs judgment. I think the last person on earth I would want responsible for my well being is some asshole from a hospital that tells my boss to fire me the jobs to hard on me just so that fucker can see what a real job is like for once in his or her life. Thanks.
I’m sure the fact I’m better at everything had nothing to do with
the fact a doctor would even want to work with me. After all doctors
have way more wealth unless don’t tell me one lacks the intelligence to properly budge there inevitable downfall if they piss in my cornflakes and keep spying on me. I’m not saying that to threaten you either, I am just suggesting you be a bit smarter reading something that you didn’t pay for. GOD fearing is the act of trying to be as close to GOD and pure goodness as possible without actually becoming retarded or killed in the process. Our heavenly father wants the best for all of its living creatures put here on earth. That really was a puma fuck off now I’m early and tired and attacked by two morons.

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