Take care communicating with satellites now

Why would anyone confront a person that’s already hurt or suffering
and take a much needed possession from them with eight to nine of there own people watching that are committing the same offense. That sums up this entire chapter in one sentence see some of the choices in chapter 1 I suppose. The problem with mans law is how its interpreted. What is done as a enforcement officer should always be done in the spirit of the law. How this is interpreted seems to be a problem. Alcohol seems to aggravate situations and can make men so inhibited by the truth they can want to share too much. This seems again to cause problems for some in a position to easily make your life a living hell. By simply pulling you  over failing a breath analyzer and losing your license you can subsequently cause one to lose there job and severe family problems. Its obvious to see these ass hats. They already lost the intellectual battle so it were and know that on the way out they can still cause you pain and suffering. Pairing or wedlock seem to be responsible for some bad choices men make to get woman to accept them again or win favor. Some younger mens’ mission is just to get laid and they will do nearly anything to impress a woman. These men are idiots or morons. If my wife or girlfriend was a nurse or in the hospital industry last thing I would do is use my position in law enforcement to force judgment on someone frustrating them with awesomeness. What kind of fucking clown would think they could think that is in the spirit of the law. I have seen GOD. Your aggravating him. I have nearly died more than once. Your writing a ticket. I’m discussing how I can communicate with satellites your putting them in your wallet. Your taking my wallet. Your
a fucking idiot. Your not defending yourself your putting a big spotlight on your head and letting the world know that you worship dollars not sense. If you died in the line of duty I’m sorry. If you tried to kill me and then you died in the line of duty I impressed myself. If your family is THE GROUP go fuck yourself. THE GROUP has to be responsible and care for all human beings essentially regardless of criminal record. THE GROUP is responsible for the welfare of everyone not the welfare of someone desperate to impress a woman or man or keep his or her job.

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