Killing is what makes you American

Actions speak louder than words. Well I been doing a lot of actions
lately. I been moving back and forth to potential jobs in the Vancouver, BC area burning up all what little money I have only to be insulted and fired. I don’t quit on a person ever. This takes a incredible amount of patience.
Where are my checks going. Why am I wasting my time writing to people educating them to what is going on in my life only to be attacked constantly by strangers that threaten or annoy me on trails or in there cars or in public. I think money launderers seem to look for the biggest morons or ignorant people to launder there money.
I will tell you what does scare me and that’s people on earth that think the only solution to some of the worst cases of sadism or
sadistic behavior is death. That just starts are endless death spiral. What a tragic loss. War is responsible for this. We can call it different things like a occupation or border disputes or revenge but in the end its sadism or the glorification of death as a solution to sadism. Personally the thought scares me as I have seen sadism personally. It doesn’t make me safe thinking that someone is above GODs law let alone mans law behaving in a way which “cures” sadistic people. That behavior will just lead to more people believing those that cured it will ultimately die from it as a catch 22. The arrogance of man will result as soon as a man feels its alright to take another’s life and eventually GOD himself will instruct us that a man in particular believes he has the right to take life for GOD himself. I opt for taking away the worst cases freedom its what makes me Canadian, killing is what makes you American. Together we are the ultimate combination. A ice cream bar with no accountability for its
actions that did something to prevent a sadistic man or woman from
continually killing people. Do you love me more or less when you hear
GOD through me. I don’t want to hear that again.
Mans ultimate love of man results in some of the worst
displacements of power. Why is it sometimes if not all the time if you
group many powerful rich men in a working environment homosexuality seems to result. Surely the hospital could treat homosexuality as a disease and there could be a financial benefit to admitting to be one. Then one could say perhaps only man could hear or be so close to GODs true voice and hearing him daily the sin of pleasing another man becomes to great for him. Somehow powerful women become so ungodly to the man homosexuality seems the only avenue for his sexual or carnal desires. Constant births seem to be the only other middle
grounds as powerful woman are “Set in there place” with pregnancy
which ultimately helps them realize who’s in charge. It can get difficult
to do things when your pregnant and the very ignorance of the life within
your womb can help you realize your now living your life for another
human being. I love the thought and it terrifies others. THE GROUP
will have to help me along the way most likely forcing the world to pay up finally. What a great idea selflessly giving my life money and time to a beautiful (hopefully) new life. I would love to prove again to my parents now this is how its done. As if I would be better in some way realizing as soon as I do this I have a right to nothing in my life.
Wonderful. At least I can now hold onto more in efforts to make
someones life come out better. I know my choice wouldn’t be to live in a rural area unless of course I was so rich I could afford a lifetime of
moving my child around. In which case I would love to do this. I really
am trying to put a rush on this. I would love to have someone to talk to that loves and depends on me rather than hates and wants me out of there face. I feel the idolizing and adoring me if female I also would particularly enjoy until they grow out of it. For me that would be the
biggest motivation.

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