Just if you need more than two pairs of wires

I found moving wires around your Demarc box is a great way to learn what needs to be connected in order for a cable system to work. After picking and pulling everything away until I find the back side of the block I found cutting the wires off completely is a great way to see when your home phone line still works. You might realize wow I’m paying the wrong persons logo. I think the RCMP have better things to do with there time than steal internet but from my experience this process de-centralizes around a might makes right approach. How many times do you have to call before a honest one shows up. Maybe they are like the military and enjoy the fact that a real insignia and uniform reveals the worst armed felons. I need service I suppose that’s my problem. I hate noticing people being shit heads all there life culminating into some big shit pile of ignorant theivery of some other companies infrastructure. I start wondering to myself what part in this link am I. Am I the one guy that is waiting for a Telus line to be energized from a building that was stormed by a shaw truck with guns or shaw customer that has been narrowed down to a Telus building they purchased in effort to confuse me. DSL cuts through
cable but cable pretty much is fucked royal since lets face it your never going to get that much frequency ranges on these tiny wires. I like the idea we can do anything! Just if you need more than two pairs of wires we will get ridiculous in price. Then we will let two wires just dangle never connect them and claim that’s our service. Perhaps that’s the phone companies job to install there copper to a dslam wire your entire home for phone then absolutely never back haul the line to any building that creates power or a signal. Whats the worst that could happen. Perhaps all of the hospital works with the KGB and cable that is controlled from the Kremlin building. How smart could one man be right. Its not rocket science. Your physically connected and the back of the block has a bridge in it. Have you ever been to the Bridge? That’s really her you know. I think your wife has done too much drugs. I better start a new paragraph.
This hurt like hell and your running for your life. I on the other
hand really don’t give a fuck since I am just a person that wants the right company to show up. I don’t want the hospital to schedule a surgery I don’t need and have the police show up taking me away for my death. Why do I keep getting that feeling that hey you did it before and your Ok with it now that you knowing your going to hell. Care seems to do that very well, care for themselves. I never have seen care other than meet someone cleverly disguised posing as something making me wonder if there immense hatred for my knowledge of whats really going on is distracting them from there job at hand. How many homes are wired for Shaw. If a home is wired for Shaw does that mean it was constructed correctly at one time someone kicks the door down installs cable equipment on the inside connects to existing wiring and instead of disconnecting Telus finds the head office and kills everyone in there and sets up there equipment. From my experience wow does it ever feel like
that happened to me. PICK. I don’t want to try and sound like a tough
guy. Last thing I want is everyone liking me up until this point then
realize I am a real asshole. If your trying to wreck your image your
doing a great job. Maybe its just that after having been tortured in a jail cell and rotting for 70 days and having been nearly strangled to death I have seen some traumatic things. I want things to be easy. I don’t want to have to continually see others that have things. I don’t want to start at people I am forced to rely on. I am not responsible for the corruption people have delivered others there entire lives. I am not responsible for wanting things myself. I am not responsible for needing things. I am not responsible for eliminating corruption. I have noticed that its a losing battle. I hate smug behavior. If your righteous then wow good for you but if your smug and deception or making your living deceiving people then I won’t like you. Is that the only thing a person can do for a living in this area is profit from crime. Why when a complete stranger rides or walks by I feel they might as well be wearing a police uniform and stealing my wallet.

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