It's basically the kind of muttering to yourself in a corner….

The woman which outnumber me are weaker as nature
intended and give him all the adoration he can handle to achieve
whatever they want from him. This has been stable through their entire lifetime. It’s only me the confident male incapable of finding long term employment for some reason that as seen as the enemy. The woman seem to become the biggest insults to me eventually. A man will at the best of times anyway try to make good to some extent on his failures. The women for me anyway have hidden for years behind a variety of men that just surface to see either if I am ignorant to the damage they do to me or the thrill of fooling me. Evil is evil if a woman embodies this the most good for her. I chose the other path. Much like biblical times I perhaps just want a woman to bear me a child. If she can do this I think I will become fruitful and multiply just like the others. Again its almost as if this is the key to owning some kind of real estate and finding steady work. Well after all I am giving my life to my child and his or her well being so automatically I deserve to stay employed. Do you want my child to starve? Or THE GROUP can be forced to open there eyes to the fact if they don’t pay more someone young could die and they could be guilty of atrocities in a world where wealth is abundant its just diving it out that’s impossible. I’m not scared on the threats that might come from
the other G6 or G7 nations as well. I am not going anywhere well I
guess domestically I am with this latest eviction. I feel someone needs to take care other than me. I have done everything physically possible to make it easy for the world to give me my just deserts. If there is a threat on my life I really wonder if its simply because I am about to become a powerful man. I think my knowledge should become power and with it my reason well balanced slow to anger mentality rule the economy. I honestly believe that I could do more good in the world than the current leaders. I don’t think politics is doing anything for the economy and very well be holding me back if not the very pinnacle of this embodiment. Do I have to tell the prime minister of Canada or president of the united states to grow up?
I don’t want your job but if you have a cool 7 million and illegal
copies of my book and harassing me to death with your staff maybe you should grow up. Not sure who that might be. Who wouldn’t go insane being harassed day in and day out with any movement being tracked. Who would indeed be that foolish. I am not terrible to myself. I hear you on that. I am just tired of fighting with you. I shouldn’t have to ask for what I deserve or play patty cake or some games with you just to get your attention. Why are people combative with me when all I want to do is get the things in life I believe to deserve. I do not have some high expectations of what I am deserving I just want the gears in motion for my book sales. Why should I have to suffer a broken system because one or more people are behaving poorly. Do book publishers have some secret way they hide fake book sales of books that never make it to the book shelves. I saw a book a read in school for sale. To kill a mockingbird. Nice rough edges it looked like the original. I for some reason had to pick it up. Maybe this is just another one of the default paths THE GROUP takes to launder money with a particular national reseller. Mine doesn’t seem to be on the shelf there anymore but from my expectation just disappears after delivery. I had an agreement for the sale of my intellectual copy write on there property but It never seemed to matter for years they just refused to report sales. I had the right to be on the shelf but for some strange reason I wasn’t. I doubt my opinion has anything to do with it. I do hope my popularity in no way has anything but a good affect on the bottom line. Of course since no one will pay me
for my efforts I still wonder to this day if I’m illegally copied and
distributed throughout the world somewhere. There is no big or little sin when it comes to theft. Theft is Theft. How much theft is really not the point other than the fact “ How could someone be that cruel and foolish to someone that has suffered so much “. Admitting that I suffered in life really isn’t the point as much as the arrogance of anyone that would try to financially benefit from my book sales other than me. Surely the hospital industry wouldn’t be attacking me having established themselves as beyond reproach.

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