I feel creeped out constantly by cops

I feel creeped out constantly by cops that approach me that make the back of the hair on my neck stand up as if I have to keep a close eye on them or I myself might be murdered though. This has happened many times to me. Am I imagining this phenomenon or am I just constantly annoyed with murders as if when someone murders someone its a new job created to come stare at me to see if I can tell. So what if I could log everyone that gave me that feeling. July, 24th Friday 1:50pm two people pedaled through my back yard and I felt the stench of death circling above one or both cyclists head from a
criminal lifestyle or acquisition of wealth from fraud. My life isn’t all consumed and revolves around some idea that the entire world is out to get me and all police are corrupt. I just had my drivers license suspended because I had a beer in my hand. I was observed drinking around eight people that I recognized there voices from talking to before either in uniform or on the phone most likely. That could explain it. Or perhaps the fact one kept asking me to go do things for her constantly for no financial reward that costs my time and gas money. You know having had a previous contract with the police for
towing vehicles when called seems to have introduced me to the fact they pay for nothing. They have no accounting and couldn’t care less how difficult it is to maintain a 460 cubic inch big block ford motor. Not to mention the towing equipment all custom built on the back wheel lift and winch and line. It would seem the more you do for them the worst they treat you. Never do anything for the police because it becomes to be expected. It seems like a conspiracy with police to all group together. My friend well at least I thought I was her friend that owns a bar in town took me for a coffee one day after closing. After entering with her and I think it was her husband or boyfriend not sure about that I started to feel the eyes of many of them glaring at us. I felt as if suddenly I was being passed a shovel and getting ready to bury a body in a shallow grave in Africa. Why was I getting that feeling again. That dam murderous feeling I hate. Ok who murdered someone I should I yelled out at them. But no I said nothing watching a female act stupid. She bent over awkwardly as if she was trying to touch her toes or get a stiff one not sure what she was expecting. Was this some kind of weird courtship I thought. Take care I thought to myself. What else can I do I am not a mind reader. I know what your thinking. I thought you were a nice guy Kevin where did all of this come from you’ve changed. More suggestions that maybe anger management is what I need since I had one outburst focused on the one person causing me all my hurt at the moment. What I don’t need is to find a way to have 80 percent less income a month for food. Why is everyone in the Comox Valley, BC that’s not employed a ward of a ignorant state that hates all men. It’s hard to survive THE GROUP if they chase you down with there money from all corners of BC conspiring to prove you unfit to work. It really looks stupid when you have to fill a place up with incompetent people just to ensure competent workers are so frustrated with their co-workers it
becomes intolerable to work with them. I think my father kept his job all the years he did out of pity but eventually they found a place where all hours of the day he spent alone and isolated driving truck. Life is difficult when you have to get along with the same people for months if not years at a time in a confined space. It’s easy when everyone gets along and is nice but it can be very difficult when you spend your life avoiding someones  face because you can’t stand it. I have simply gotten to that point where I can’t stand my fathers face. I am honestly being attacked right now by so many people its becoming difficult to understand who it is. At least the
policemen taking my license away is easy to see the dispatcher was a bit more difficult but proves my point. I want my money. I don’t want
anyone elses, I don’t want to steal it, I don’t want take it from someone that’s violent I just want the kind of money that feels good. Money is suppose to be impartial but when the wealthy want it from the poor I really think that’s so unbelievable you have to write about it. Free money is the problem. Well now that finally I have a income lets find a way to take it away from me.

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