I definitely don't want to write in anger

Again the only care that seems to be found in Courtenay, BC seems to be women hiding behind stupid men as the women in the hospital industry attack those that need to be getting care. After all if its a man gloves are off. Why would someone constantly try to become powerful on taxpayers dime while secretly trying to kill off men. If that’s the gold wow are these women in care really stupid. If that’s the case I sure hope they found a way of making babies scissor fucking each other. I have heard this countless of times. Never say anything bad about anyone in a book because that’s all you will be remember for is having said something bad about someone. Well I hear yah brother. I waited twenty years to scrub that car and go fuck yourself asshole. Maybe what all these people need is some global recognition for all the inhuman ignorant way they treat some of the most enlightened people. Again I hope I didn’t give myself so much credit I come off as a wind bag.
If your in the nursing industry your suppose to care for humanity
your not suppose to fight a personal war with every so called arrogant man that just wants the same thing you have which is the right to life. I can’t believe how man people in this field are combative with those of us that just wish to live. If your town fails at life this is cased closed. Your town helps no one live unless they fit a mold which is given a Visa and Master card under the age of 25 to hide your ignorant collection of lies. How is it that the only option suitable is to do absolutely nothing. It seems if you become rich and deserving the current fake power holders might ruin your life for eternity. Maybe I didn’t write enough about the pretenders or name the novel better. I definitely don’t want to write in anger or hurt anyone. I still want to write to enlighten and create a whimsical loving positive environment to kill all of you with my kindness. Perhaps my writings is more or less a outlet for my frustration with my inability to be rewarded moniterily for what I know I deserve.
If I am so profitable already only THE GROUP can see what I am
earning then its obvious that THE GROUP is going to take fire from
other countries. If that’s THE GROUPs plan then I feel sorry for them
since I have yet again proven I’m taking down THE GROUP. That’s not a threat its a promise really. THE GROUP needs us the public to decide which ones deserve total control of the country. I think its difficult to tell if Courtenay, BC is more a police state or hospital state. I do fear THE GROUP on some level want me killed nearly as much as the easy to see pretenders and that is problematic and is why I suggest regime change. I think the hospital still is the oldest place fake doctors and nurse hide when they are murders. Again I just have to use the word don’t I. Popularity seems to also be a way celebrities try to mainstay murder in order to get away with it. Or are celebrities so dangerous in some cases its just easier to let them free range so they kill less. What a awful thought, do murders kill less or more when they are free. I know.
The power of GOD reveals murderer’s they can’t hide. Hospitals
are mostly or at least the way I see it a place used to hide accidental
murderer’s or temporarily house homeless because the city failed at life. Courtenay, BC is a dead city I think no one will deny it. The birth rate doesn’t exist and all children born here just seem to be beamed here to me and I lived here all my life. I’m angry that every time I am offered work its 600 miles or more off Vancouver Island, BC. It’s as if its a conspiracy to wash all money in connection with me that’s building up to a tipping point. Maybe its just my money needs to go somewhere and since they have to admit to persecution its just safer to ship me off. Again care seems to be left holding the bag because the only option is dumping the problem on the street with no money. Care is frustrated by the nagging and overwhelming fact its easy to ask why don’t you give him or her a job like (employed person). Then unfortunately like all human beings we start comparing ourselves to that employed person and say why is that person has that job. Would we be as pathetic as to fight for it with physical force? He did.

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