How many times does this have to happen

That’s the feeling I get nowadays like everything is me and some scum bag with a uniform is using his position to take whats rightfully mine. How do we stop this. Why does it occur and what benefit does it have stealing for a living when in his or her eventual death GOD will judge you. Your theft while only temporary will not echoe throughout eternity as wow did you ever get away with something for nothing for a long time. I am not the fall guy for your actions. GOD told us through scribes and quills of his direction that we shall not take life.
It’s not our job either to give people the most consistent housing beds and meals after they commit horrendous crimes either. Thanks.
The hospital seems to be the place people are stored that are too
dangerously mature well balanced and reasonable to let roam around
free. Its too risky that these people might have a good idea to make
money on there own or look after themselves or find a way to eliminate all corruption forever. Its best to examine these people from a minimum of 1 month to 3 months by the most manipulative of a combination of CARE, THE PRETENDERS, and THE GROUP. During this time 3 of them seem to conspire as to the best way the can keep me unhappy and believe I am different and not better than them at every aspect of life. More tolerant, more considerate, more talented and everything it seems but more wealth. How many times does this have to happen before I am given what I deserve. To me again the attack seems to never end if I prevent an attack from happening it seems another group springs up to attack me. Getting my family on board seems to be the last and final  attack since its all I have left. In order to keep my life with my family now I am giving a choice and that’s to follow a set of rules writing on one piece of paper how I am not to ask for money nor have any outbursts or taken any of there things. Basically that’s like asking me to do things I have so very rarely done in the past its amazing they weren’t written down somewhere for the past 10 years. My GOD if I have taken more than two months of wages for 10 years GOD strike me down now.  While spending no seriously let me write this down for eternity and judgment from GOD for everyone to steal my original copy write and not pay me anything from the beginning anyway I might as well be writing for criminals.  I’m constantly reminded of all my failures in life if there is any disagreement instantly as if there is some competition I was
failed to be notified of. Attaining wealth no matter legal or not seems to be the house rules. None of my small accomplishments have any value. I am just a failure as others rob me of my dignity.    I only expect to be respected for my abilities I don’t expect anyone to respect me for my failures unless I failed due to others being so elite around me. This doesn’t seem to be the case.   Anyone know a good editor?

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