Don't worry I never changed it

At least the Indians know how to sleep in nature itself. And if they don’t I wish someone could find me one that does cuz this is getting ridiculous. What must I do to secure a really good job. So far what has been described to me as really good jobs have all had anterior motives. Motives are hard to see at first but become clearer with the passage of time after regrettably the damage is done. If the motive cross my fingers was to get me to fuck the wrong woman as punishment then heaven forbid am I egotistical. According to
my investigation that’s the only reason I can find for the past two
potential job offers. That particular business or business’s seemed to be controlled by a woman looking for someone to fuck. I am unsure as to why I was selected. Surely again it must not be of my ability to give a woman a orgasm since well that ended in disaster last time. I lost that job too. God is this ever wrong.
What of the threat of torture though. Mental or physical torture
has been used many times in many different parts of the world. What if every day you are tortured in some mental way would you ever break. Is physical torture the breaking point resulting in some of the most inhumane responses. I guess one could always say that person brought it on themselves they knew they were literally playing with fire. Which is why THE GROUP always says this large account labeled playing with fire may result in murder. Now what kind of moron would say wow there is an account I want to start taking large amounts of money from. Eventually something will happen we will see if we can get this time between raises under ten years. Holy fuck now there is a file labeled unpaid book don’t read this unless you want to die. I wonder what will happen. Ignore that previous sentence with a black label if your a marine. You don’t need to know. What about a book titled if your a ignorant doctor that turned into a sadist and don’t want to live anymore try reading this book. Ignore this previous sentence if your a surgeon. You don’t need to know. We could do this all day. We did. Exactly four then two of them basically at the same place. As usual the Oman Desert had nothing to do with it. Black out the previous sentence with a bar if your a black ops navy seal but remove the second blacked out bar seriously
what does my count have to do with it. I’m not. I’m better than you.
Fucking hell. Don’t worry I never changed it. We did. The difference is
negligible. Same fucking park. What a fucking limo ride. She actually
rents a place there. My GOD what the hell happened to her beautiful
legs they are covered in track marks. Well so much for that dream of
mine. Are we into celebrity fuck yet I can’t wait to read what someone
said I wrote. Delete the previous sentence if this has to be ninety nine
point nine percent truthful. Well this makes life interesting. It was
difficult to reach. They still wont answer the door. As well I even went
to the right home. I was too late. They wouldn’t let me take a
photograph. And that song sucks. So many W’s on the previous page I
thought I would have to get that W—2 back. As well nobody cares and a walker really did claim he and a smith worked together on it. The fold was perfect. I’m not. But you probably will claim I am just to get popular too. I am never dressing up or changing my appearance
drastically. Just like we planned.
I hope the garden in the critical care section isn’t jealous of me.
That’s all I really care about is the competition ruining all my fun. Well I think I am well ahead of schedule now. I should of got a computer to
write for awhile with some of my brain powering it as a organic
computer piece actually uses my very essence but not soul to. I wrote
the chapter name right. Like I would ever do that to a human being.
Well woman yes but not a human being. Who cares what the Devil pays for. You liked me too much. The problem for myself anyway has always been not noticing things. I never notice cable theft or attempts at ease dropping electronically or signal theft or corrupt police ensuring the theft takes place and stuff like that. Timing is everything.

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