Murder isn't cool why do I keep mentioning it?

Magic or electronic creativity in financial transactions seems to be where ignorance loves to hide which will put a insurmountable margin or leverage on whatever pathetic real money it has. This gets so ridiculous they had to invent the stock market just to hide all these people living off it. Of course eventually there is no place to hide again its why the transit lines hide the most murder. Come on test me on this… Buses only accept coins therefore the money moves the most meaning its easiest to hide transactions. I am starting to feel like my book maybe is suited to the name how to commit murder the series on television more than the show itself. I know what your thinking. Thanks. What did he mean by that. That’s my job. Your
fired. I never wrote that.
Maybe I did though. Really I am trying to prove a long line of
human rights violations to myself with one or more persons from
Courtenay, BC that controls all the towns wealth. I really don’t care if
they are female male American or Canadian I just want to be
compensated for the years of abuse. If this person or persons were gone and I mean in jail not dead or out of the country I would be able to live in peace. My peace of mind is constantly disturbed by the pretenders. Again the pretenders seem to love the fact I have amazing Ideas to make money but lack the funding which they control. Then the pretenders I believe use my idea to make hundreds of thousands of dollars. Lets face it I might as well be buying internet from Walmart. I am a genius in my own right. Not necessarily a mathematical genius by the way its GODS number 22 million or .3333 11.2 repeated forever which didn’t kill anyone in 1982 but 1986 confuses me. Whats on the side of the chip. I did.
I see GOD and the beautiful amazing way he created all things
and believe its the things I see that others don’t that makes me a genius. I think synchronicity plays a fact in demonstrating his ability to be in tune with my actions as well. I can’t believe anyone would be interested in real murder. Wouldn’t you be more interested in hundreds of fake murders. Like say for a minute, bear with me here that we can create human beings with tofu fission and a light oil. If we created them just to blast them after they were cloned by one of us still alive somewhere obviously it wouldn’t of had a soul. Or am I reading too much into this. Does GOD or would GOD give a soul to a man made human being given life to by a machine. Obviously if I could make 40 year old men in 72 hours I could blast them too couldn’t I. Wow wouldn’t that order sound stupid, don’t worry about it General just blast him that’s me. Again I didn’t even watch Orphan Black but the premise is very thought provoking. Speaking of provoke. I did. We hear or think we hear strange things all the time but who would want to forge a friendship with someone that was a murderer.
Murder isn’t cool it would have to be something that happens in self
defense murder couldn’t happen to make money or any other reason
except for the fact you had no other choice. Good examples are people in the direct line of fire or the firing line. You might have heard marines talk about the line the fire. As long as you never cross it your alive. The firing line changes though in life unlike war however. Everything becomes a battle plan or tactic to someone that controls all aspect of a war though. I hate to dumb myself down to waste so much of my book talking about war and murder but for some reason I just can’t seem to get away. The though of war and murder just seems to keep following me wherever I go. The pretenders seem to always want a war to hide there own murders. The farther back we go in our history the more murder we see as happened as commonplace almost as if murder was the only form of entertainment. Now we have video games to separate all of us that need to murder into a non existent battlefield. Even worst we use technology to prevent us from getting our hands dirty from the real killing like drone strikes. The realness of the video game could work either way though. We could be convinced our entire career the drones we flew dropped bombs and killed real people.

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