Maybe I have just done the topic to death

Or we could be convinced that each building we light up with a infra red target for later attack really was getting blown the fuck up in real time. Either way we could fool ourselves pretty easy with technology. Technology the mother of invention or necessity can separate our mental blocks from something someone else could emotionally handle and we couldn’t. Oh I can talk to you all day long about cerebral cortex implants and optical illusions all of which would be possible but temporary. Or would you ask me how I knew that would be impossible to prove since I would be tricky and say something like you would have to have one to know. We might talk to each other on them and even share images of the murder that happened and how your preventing it. But for every murder you prevent there always seems to be someone wanted to actually cuz a murder. Will the
war there ever end. The pretenders seem to try and control certain
people or victims this becomes obvious. I think the most frustrating part of the control the pretenders want is the power over where I or we live.
At what point does your family itself agree more with the pretenders for financial gain than for the happiness and wellness of yourself. THE
GROUP hates family. THE GROUP hates to have to think about the
effect it has on a persons family by anything it does to the person itself. Therefore in THE GROUPS eyes everyone is a orphan. I would rather write to .1 percent of the population that wants to get better at happiness for the whole world rather than everyone that just wants a book to claim to be a member of a good or evil gang. Obviously that’s all there is here. Gang mentality is the only thing left when imagination is mainstay. Honestly I really could go on and on about the pretenders but lets go on to the next chapter I think I have done the topic to death.

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