Working for nothing

I’m working for nothing never getting paid what I deserve
its hard for these people to admit that. Sure foolish men anger me as
well. I hate seeing a confused yet physically strong man struggle to see his true reality. I never mean any harm either yet still I’m puzzled as to why such a regime exists. Why must some pretender somewhere get two paychecks a month for a service that is of no value to myself just for me to have to humor them on the phone. The pretenders seem to want us to either simply die or go away. The are embarrassed by there own reality yet willing to do whatever it takes to ensure there job continues. This again is nothing new to me. I have learned the hard way after so many jobs that if I manage to do a job and keep my dignity they will fire me simply because of my existing knowledge. I can’t unlearn things. I can create things but I can’t make the past go away. Unfortunately this scares the pretenders. “ I’m easy that way “. I’m impossible 99.99 percent the other ways. I can’t wait until a cool million dollars of sunshine or reality is finally given to me. I believe I deserve much more but wanting is what gets man in problems in the first place. Its too bad all the shit around us that needs to be done isn’t done for free then all the women in
the world would finally be happy. Did I truly mean that?
Since I can do so very many things I have a hunch that very
stupid men hiding behind me electronically have nearly come to trust me with there lives because I can handle anything. How long do I have to wait for these particular group of men to reward me financially. I seem to be doing everything anyway why don’t they just hand it over. I have been pinged and probed to death by people that eventually realize I am the one in the dark desperately trying to build a pathway around 3 gigantic assholes. I simply don’t know enough when it comes to this. The bigger you are the weaker you are in the internet industry. You collapse easily while I can withstand multiple bullets and still keep smiling electronically. While robust I’m not indestructible but your so confused by my ability to do 3 or 4 things at once you really have no choice in allowing me to confuse you. There seems to be a foolish pride in spying on me. Spying will never make anyone look stupid. You can learn as much or as little from me and its not going to make me look stupid. Your continual siphoning off my power though will eventually be delt with. You can’t get away with this forever.
Never wanting, never complaining, never learning, and never
having. The pretenders seem to pray to GOD these elements are found in every customer. This ensures its easiest to spy on there customers which is illegal and they have least chance of getting caught. What would motivate these pretenders to spy on there customers though. Do they wish to gain financially in some way or build connections with people that will save there lives in the future. I think mostly its the latter. Never mind I already own one of those. Is the Trojan built in?
Do the pretenders think murder is acceptable. Hows this for
potentially racially charged and problematic text impossible for
mainstream society. What cultures believe murder to be just another way of life. Is murder just another thing that people get desensitized to because its just another want to make money. Or worst situation since they aren’t smart enough to make money in the business world this situation is the one they want to dominate. But what after the person is dead the problem is solved surely they would have to create a situation where the confrontation would be inexhaustible as conflict after conflict fueled its financial lies. I have so much to say about this subject I doubt I will get it all out man am I ever excited to share with you my genius and not get paid for it. Exciting. Too late its me.
I don’t think its funny to watch a person suffer at the hand of
murderers but eventually someone somewhere will start thinking and fuck everything up for the rest of us. And of course like I said that’s me.  At what point is murder needed you might ask me.

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