Why pay someone to spy on someone?

Why pay someone to spy on someone which seems to be
what the pretenders do now. I wonder if the source of money comes
from the lies they tell each other divisions of THE GROUP. Certainly
THE GROUP would confuse the pretenders that if it comes from me I
am aware of the money I am losing to pay a ignorant people to harass
me. If I am harassed to death by members of THE GROUP who are so
ignorant they are willing to kill to keep there jobs rather than go on
welfare how long is it going to take for me to get the fuck out of Canada.
Then again I would need the co-operation of THE GROUP to get the
fuck out in the first place but how far up is the cock suckers stealing
from me and causing me problems. See basically I help the ignorant
cock suckers too much. Even the once that are so ignorant now they
realize as long as the just keep stealing my book they will never have to admit it exists and pay me for it. The pretenders fail at life. This seems to be the problem where again the pretenders would rather become a ignorant powerful obstacle rather than promote life. While the pretenders understand death they just can’t wrap there heads around the fact they have to allow brilliant as well as dumb people the right to live. How ignorant do you have to be to think you deserve countless of hours of my work or my life or livelihood. Divisions of THE GROUP try to rationalize theft. We are stealing for the greater good and safety of our people they might say. I think that’s another way of saying we are ignorant and the smartest person won we are just waiting till they get so angry they kill us. Ignorant people kill people a person would have to legitimize the effort of theft so badly they are paranoid of the person inevitability going to inherit their money. I’m sounding like a pretty dark horse now aren’t I. Regime changes happen so fast in some places the quest for the physical money is almost the laughing stock of the problem itself. I make the sentences complicated so your confused as to the nouns I am describing. Fuck me that’s funny to me. How many ignorant
selfish pig headed pretend Judges does the world need before we can find a brave one to do the right thing. Finding a Judge seems to be the
biggest problem Courtenay, BC faces since corruption is at the heart of the entire process. I think that’s how Courtenay got its name. Their
people spend a lifetime pretending to be in court and paying themselves money washing it throughout the banking system but fail to do it in real life. Courtenay maybe should be called court less or cunt leave since I hardly see a man even in the building and when I do it feels as if GOD is telling me the mans godless and here looking for a woman. All I wanted was to have a fair shot at life but I hear GOD there I said it. Get over it. I hear GOD because I’m surrounded by fuck ups either murdering or dying because of ignorance I swear to GOD. The town is just a fuck up for me. The only people that seem to succeed is ignorant. Africa I swear to GOD laughs at how unintelligent the job selection is not that Africa is to be laughed at. There is no team of imaginary individuals inundating me with information daily trying to get into my book. This is how I will be known for eternity. There is no way I would even try to hide the fact my town has behaved reprehensibly to me since the last job I got which thank GOD for Africa I got it. No thanks to Courtenay though who fired me. Its the time between jobs and looking for them it becomes Courtenay is a asshole at least to me. I guess I could
sit down and try and label who are the biggest assholes that prevent me from becoming a man financially. Not that I am not a man but legally Courtenay seems to only recognize boys even boys that are really men. My life has been defined here as corrupt either way do to 0 local choices other than self employment. The biggest part about that was the corruption that took my license away ensuring I will no longer have the ability to drive around making money. Like I said before brilliance defines a mans success and woman’s success the real world and real money flows only to those that can make more of it. The fractions its measured with is pointless and often the biggest waste of time following who consistently manages there debt with a ignorant idea the best. Again I use intelligence as my measuring stick.

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