This book is obviously fictional know one believes this crap

Which you can’t because lets face it you can’t ask me shit and I can’t talk or interact with you cuz your the asshole behind all the theft. Certainly there has to be a situation where murder is needed. I know what your thinking. I can’t believe he just said that. Heaven forbid I use the word again. The military are paid to kill people. What part about that do these people have a hard time understanding. The problem is when the military kills their own. The military should at least be smart enough to know when we are tricking them to kill their own by saying and pretending the enemy which is ourselves is dressed acting or behaving or wearing the enemy’s uniform. Some of the trickiest of us die this way. Again inner turmoil decent and revolution seems to be the biggest problem for the pretenders. The pretenders might even ask did we kill the right person.
Of course you did will always be the response. After all being wrong
will just make men particularly die more of embarrassment which as I
stated earlier doesn’t apply to women. Woman could be blasting people all day long and we don’t hear shit but if its a man dusted holy fuck do our hearts give us a problem. I think this very thing was addressed once and a man was as bold as to say women do not have a soul because of this. Woman are closer to the devil than god so much that even the act of killing is acceptable and unnoticeable to GOD himself. Omg allot of women died there is this ever getting dangerous I will send a man this time to ensure this never happens again. We had a coffee together.
Murder literally is the pretenders bread and butter. Its acceptable
since in there mind they have a certain set of rules where a person or
persons never deserved to live simply because they take money I am
assuming. Taking money seems to be the biggest problem since control over it is all the pretenders want. Oh course again the bible tells us that woman and the world are nearly interchangeable so enormous and vast sums of physical cash must change through there hands daily. I enjoy using the world as my footstool. I’m still single. Money isn’t worth fighting for but the right to have a good job steady pay and a healthy lifestyle is. Why are fools allowed this and the elite denied it. Not that I am elite but lets be honest if I gave you this next mission who would survive. Go to another country and buy a Desktop Computer and purchase or install free software on it. Now load a dns server and domain name with your own IP. Install a mail server that not only can receive all email certificates but talk to other servers as well. Just send me a email from your new Desktop and Ip address. How many of you will live. I think I would survive as long until I actually did it then a timely response as to a attack saying I can’t would ensue. Again the pretenders like to use force to prove how unintelligent command is and how with money they can buy anything but intelligence. Once again I’m surely not the best but I am good enough to know that Shaw cable systems will not be in the seat beside me. I am so excited that now I can bore you with technical stuff! Well the path of electricity takes the path of least resistance and the internet is founded on this premise. All our packets have a choice in this world separated by distance. The fastest networks are capable of delivering the most amount of data the quickest and the slowest have the burden of being the only poor wire that can
deliver data to that particular area. This can be offset and confused by
things like wireless and satellite and it becomes hopeless timing the path of light or radio signals since basically there the same speed other than offsets of water cloud air except in the vacuum of space! What a exciting death that packet had. Somewhere there is going to be lag which is mostly added to all fiber joins to ensure that junction gets confusing. Except in the Panama area. He can make this as confusing as he or she wants for me but in the end if he or she is hiding from me eventually we will have to talk about getting internet. The pretenders can’t hide from me now since I have got all the bases covered. It would seem its all out war for me at this point as I keep getting attacked by them. Why are the pretenders so ignorant as to really want me dead. I have so many examples so far as how stupid wasteful spending tried to take my life.

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