Telus Shaw Bell and it all goes through Arin at some point

Inadvertently a pretender might give away too much on the phone so its best not to rattle them. The problem is at times nearly all pretenders in this tiny segment seem to be at least 10 years or more younger than me. I have been around basically since the inception of the commodore 64 and watched the internet since its inception. I have programmed from pascal to c++ yet networking is what fascinated me the most. The fastest point to another point globally
seems to be so easy for me to shave milliseconds off my connection. I
don’t want to toot my own horn but bigger isn’t always better sometimes layers of the network fall apart and that’s where I think I come in. I fix things. I don’t want to say I am the one expanding the internet but lets face it. I probably am. Now if there are customers beyond my point wow do I feel privileged to have served. I revel in knowing the fastest shortcuts globally while some parts of the net are free to use recursion only a small amount of my computing power is used for that. I wish I understood more about the corporate structure of these companies. Why would someone bully a customer when they have little to no knowledge of how anything works. I wish I had the cash to set up my own Arin net block and backbone to one of the major ISP’s in Canada and start selling internet. I wouldn’t treat my customers like shit. I am very knowledgeable and know from beginning to end how internet works. How busy could it be to get me at tech support to get you up and running. I would be tickled pink if someone wanted more than one ip and multiple layered point to point. It wouldn’t change my billing structure. It seems as if every single ISP treats its customers like garbage imagine how much money I could make selling internet service with the guarantee “ We know what we are doing and won’t behave ignorantly or treat you like shit ”. I would think after a few months and the word gets out we actually can do end point things like adjust reverse point to records to point to even your own domain name I would get tonnes of business. It would be so nice I could also guarantee we wont spy on you
like the other retards as well. I would think I would quickly be the most popular ISP and eventually own some infrastructure even not just 10 feet of fiber to a current ISP. The current choices Shaw, Telus, Bell, and Satellite just don’t seem to be a fair solution. The pretenders have saturated the ranks at the major ISP’s taking jobs away from people that would do a better job and have integrity and honor. There always seems to be some corruption somewhere going on that they need to send more corrupt people just see exactly how its done. After all a battle between good and evil might result if evil wasn’t replenished constantly. Another great thing about creating a imaginary name for a group of people. This allows you to insult them all day long. Its fine too since they don’t exist and they have to admit they are a part of something that doesn’t exist in order to take offense to something you did. This delusional behavior makes the pretender look very stupid when they are hunting about a imaginary land for someone to grab onto. Its obvious then these ISP workers are looking for bodies to throw infront of them to take the slings and arrows of reality as they hide behind them assuring them they are doing something wrong. They pretender at ISP is more pathetic and incompetent than intelligent. The women pretenders take enormous pride in dumbing a male pretender as well hiding behind more
fantasy which takes physical form when ordering service. Pretenders are week and lemming like. There is never just one pretender that will run a primary server for your area. There seems to be one deeply nested and many secondaries that pretend to do something together that face other primaries that pop up from time to time hiding the problem pretender. We all are forced to become whatever we are attached to physically so fooling anyone is impossible you would think they would realize this. You can call yourself as many different things as you want and route as many pathways as you want to a single point your connected too. Yet in the end your location is obvious and the network is clear. The temporary blindness you locally assign yourself looks stupid to others tracing you all over the world. Obviously if the entire pathway from bell east all the way to bell west Vancouver island reveals not one packet goes to Telus and I’m connected to a line on the highway that line on the highway isn’t

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