Why take pride in doing dumb things perhaps you might say this book

Woman it isn’t in your nature your suppose to be the weaker race and if war breaks out I would hate to see the casualty list of you killing each other just for the chance to kill one man. Wow the effort you put into senseless deaths rivals that of Adolf Hitler but much more racist. Why do woman prepare the forms? Oh that’s a easy one they just want to kill all men they don’t care who they are now. And that’s why these particular woman are stupid not all of them.
Why to the pretenders confront? I know if I was losing the war
on dignity, honor, integrity, and intelligence last thing I would do Is
reveal my lost cause to myself. But constantly pretender after pretender shows up from what I can only guess is to attempt some kind of belittlement. I noticed they do that very well, belittle themselves. Surely a woman must control the process. I’m not sexist I just hate all dumb weak woman trying to be men. Your not a man stop trying to be one. Again ladies if you want to be a man look after me in real life. Confront me, marry me, have my children, look after them and get a good job. Take care of me, buy me a home, give me everything. Woman are not selfless. Show me one that is and I will show you my next love of my life. Woman love assholes, I’ll do my best. Why show your weak hand so early. For lack of better things to do I think the pretenders like to focus on me because “ IM DIFFERENT “. Yes I analyze my behavior and others and change what I think is objectionable. Yet still I find the pretenders are stuck in there ways incapable of change and seem even proud of there ignorance. They seem proud that they can get away with something all day and night long and remain free as they persecute a
person. Why do that though. I’m not talking to myself here I’m talking
to you my audience. Why take pride in doing dumb things just because all the wealth that comes your way bi monthly or monthly doesn’t care. Wouldn’t you want to take dumb money and make it smart money. I love converting dumb money to smart money. Its tough and quite the battle but losing money is never a waste. I wish people understood that. Real money goes to someone good or bad of course that benefits from it and shares it hopefully again and again. Men make mistakes all the time like when a woman heaven forbids select a man, backwards, and falls in love. The man could be deceived at first agree marry that woman then fooled at first slowly begin to realize shes evil and killing even! You fucked up dude. I still want to meet her though. What the hell I still love her. Oh for christ’s sakes what could it hurt if I just Billy? Are you still there Billy? Can you hear me Billy? I’m not telling a story. I think his name was Billy I’m 91 percent sure of that. Its getting in my way again isn’t it, the law that is. Its been awhile hasn’t it. GOD almighty. I forgot what I was going to say now. Dammit. GOD. Dammit. The smartest people in the world.
I seem to have lost my train of thought yet again. The pretenders
are tricky maybe it was some kind of brain control they wanted to stop me from revealing something. Why do the smartest people in the world send a foolish man. Frustrating. I did.
How long exactly could a woman go on believing the same thing
though. That’s the question. Eternity? If that wire was my life where
would that wire be. Thursday, July 23rd 2015 at 12:16pm probably 12 hours ahead again of me on a submarine possibly I would hope or maybe tonight the wire is connected on some Chinese flotilla or Pakistan war zone. One thing I’m sure is that with me anything is possible. I don’t sell out to the highest bidder but exactly where is my 2 feet of wire and where is the 10 feet I lease. You know only the fake millionaire trying to save his life right now probably knows. How much shit and abuse can I take exactly.

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