Networking the life of a packet (and some objectifying large women)

Every packets pathway reveals the central offices location
eventually. Obviously I don’t own all the wire fiber and cable on
Vancouver island but theoretically I could own 10 feet at the end or two feet in the middle of a maze of wire between here and Newfoundland. And I’m sure with 14 million feet or more of wire you don’t want to try and figure out me and 3 satellites and 2 feet of wire. But hey maybe you don’t have anything better to do with your time. With satellite anything is possible because its like 30,000 feet of fiber between you and the first slow down let alone the other 3 points and interrupt. Connections from space must be the ideal environment for bandwidth theft. If all central offices were located in space it would make it impossible to locate the people setting up the connection. Unless people monitor everyone that goes into space but nowadays there is not just obvious rockets that go there as well from what I have heard. And that’s how Joe Dirt internet developed.
Why do women pretenders keep ruining everything that might
result in happiness for the male pretenders. Its seems that every time a wealth might become real or a idea might make everything run smoother the woman put a stop to everything. Then give the male pretenders dumb jobs to prevent everyone from making money or becoming intelligent. I find this so strange but its demonstrated to me with countless reinforced examples of female human behavior. They will resist doing the right thing even if it causes death to men and not change there ways as well. I know if I did something that killed 12 men I sure has hell wouldn’t keep sending out a recruiting form that’s designed so there are no right answers and only ignorant people join. How stupid is that. Seems like that’s the mission to be as stupid as possible and ensure there is 0 chance of survival if we have to defend ourselves. Why would the pretenders want to keep the lot of us stupid. Why do woman in particularly prevent and resist the development of ideas that will spur progress and make everyone’s lives easier. Also from my small sample of powerful woman all over (LOCALLY) they are unintelligent. It seems to me that again the most intelligent woman work for the less intelligent ones that are aggressive and violent even in how they horde physical wealth. They really don’t seem to care about any transactions globally all they care about is the cash coming through the front door and how they
can keep it longest get more of it and hide. I hate to see someone stupid violent selfish and constantly given power. To me it would seem its impossible to find work when absolutely nothing is given and everything is taken. The lies seem to be the biggest with people that claim to have everything in the world to begin with but taking it becomes impossible. Aha! Machines! That’s how we will do it if the woman won’t give money to men what if men somehow controlled all the money that goes into the ATM’s. In the physical keeping us out of the dangerous banks that share nothing and monitor us will lengthen our lives. Since its a physical job and so many ATM’s that run out of money so many places woman which want nothing to do with the physical part of cash would never take the replenishment job since they couldn’t hide. Brilliant!  Now the men are free running about in big cars and trucks with cash!  Woman want nothing to do with us. People are shooting and robbing us all the time and if they aren’t I’m sure we could arrange it to maintain the illusion of extreme danger so they will leave us alone. And that’s why ING changed its name I think. Women seem to enjoy embarrassing men with there foolishness when all else fails to stop you from taking what they want to call their own. This only works once which is why its a all or nothing effort that all woman might even try at the same time. Men hate embarrassment in fact we have actually died in the past just because we were embarrassed to ask for help. I have no problem with that and
not meek in the slightest which is why for me woman become combative and aggressive since conventional tactics are useless.

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