I hope I did it justice am I really this awful?

I am so glad she isn’t retardedly rich hiding her money and selfish as hell itself. How ignorant and selfish do you have to be threaten someones life. Is there a meter somewhere. Maybe Homeland Security could build a homeless meter that when you enter critical might start dying in 12 hours a dude drops from the sky and hands you a cool grand at least. At least then you would be doing something to protect peoples lives in all Countries. Well at least the G6 and G7 who gives a rats ass about the  other losers not rich enough to join. Isn’t that basically how things are decided. I notice at the park in Courtenay, BC all the baseball girls and boys basically have there own beer garden, own cars and own town called Comox, BC. Too bad none of them fuck outside it. GOD knows no one in Courtenay, BC will ever be hired without having parents with thousands of dollars in a bank account which will make it easier for the loser companies to pretend to pay. I thought for a moment I would become Tosh.O.
I hope I did it Justice. Fuck you world. I’m back to myself sorry
about trying to be moderately entertaining slightly washed up hipster dufus. I am losing my sleep again. All night tossing and turning unable to fall asleep muttering to myself all night long. After closing all the windows I realized all the death threats I uttered might have been overheard however we all know nothing I say this not to be taken seriously and the privacy of my own home can’t be violated. As always like any good act of mine the vague references to he and she were most commonplace with no real names. How could people be so stupid I thought to myself as spend so much time focusing on ruining my life. Perhaps its the fact its the same criminals responsible for stealing other intellectual copy write of my own seem to work above the law. Theft seems almost a way of life for some people. Financial deception seems commonplace and theft of anything that sells most often seems to be a goal to increase margins. You have some really good business’s out there that sell things they get for free. How can you beat that really people give you old or new stuff of theirs and you actually put a price on it. Then all the charity of others is sold off to the highest bidder. The pretenders seem to once again have there favorite business’s, probably ones that can move the most money electronically so they can hide the most. They seem to have a few devoted as safe havens for when they fuck up so much THE GROUP fires them and they still manage to get employment. The pretenders seem to frustrate the public mostly by there ability to still operate in a gang yet have some member somewhere that keeps the electronic tools from THE GROUP to pay everyone. The system then seems to operate outside the normal financial institution as now its a special place where you need to learn to lie big enough. Or best case scenario the pretenders had an employee so weak desperate or incompetent he or she lied so large financially that if allowed to continue clearing that lie would last forever. For the pretenders that is the ideal situation. Having someone so incompetent that he or she lost there lives to a transaction but still have other members with access to the imaginary funds. Hope is a cruel thing to have if everyone realizes that its false hope and a lie which nothing true will benefit from. This is like a house of cards which the banking industry suffered when the mortgage crisis like Fanny Mae and Freddie mac collapsed. For some reason the bank of THE GROUP ignores transactions that are auto cleared from these places. Of course though these accounts are only used out of dire necessity when all other avenues of real world wealth fail. The pretenders love time. After time these lies can grow if in a savings account to form even bigger lies! A lie built on lies and with the addition of time all is forgotten and this become found money! The pretenders probably put other names on it or business names to make it look more less like a idiots mistake giving themselves something they don’t deserve and more like something that was actually legitimately earned. I think most things the pretenders do can coalesce into a evil thought which is always looking to be interpreted as something good.

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