I guess if its good enough for shawcable

I am not sure why but I think someone is trying to make me look
bad. My words have no more nor less value arranged in a boring pattern. At least this way I invite times to take a break from reading and absorb what I really wanted to conveyor. In fact more about my equipment. Its literally a conspiracy that spell check is garbage and my mouse is crap and my operating system thinks it really deserves to be paid to annoy me. Too bad these assholes didn’t get paid to make my life easier rather than fight with them all day. Unfortunately the only other option is paying for the right to be annoyed and I think we all know that’s called internet. I’m not sure when someone else has ordered my name to be the best in North America to set up another primary server. Who the fuck cares if its called business or private internet. The fact these cowards and idiots even know anything at all about how it works ensures I will be hired I mean ordered to look after 4700 clients that don’t connect at that building that doesn’t exist.
Why do the pretenders want to see my black box. Like I asked
for it before. If I save a beautiful young womans’ life she should have to suck my beautiful prodigious gallus. Don’t take your life too quickly
someone needs to man 13 17 and 59. Where was I oh yes 61 megs a
second! ALIVE. Thank god.
Sometimes I wonder why Shawcable in Calgary, AB won’t let
me have internet. Are they just waiting for me to sue them or become
rich first. Either way the discrimination is pathetic. Mind you everyone needs boys once in a while to do something for the more experienced woman that will never have a orgasm but likes high pressure cum inside her instead. Wow where did that come from. Never like it too early.
Translation failed. Perhaps it was a way for me to make it longer than it really appeared. Goat she eh put a black line down his. What a hoe.  About time he jumped off it eh sailor? I met sailor once eh. He
never got into the bar. He was gay though what can you do. I
guaranteed this won’t kill you. I still needed a woman. All I got was
men. Why do Mexicans wrestle so fucking hard. Who cares if more
than half of those fuckers can’t read what are we racists? That really
needed to be sad. I ruined this for about 2 minutes then I went to work for a division of G4S security since lets face it they knew it was us. Yes we were, well at least in my mind we were. I did it. In notepad. I used a mirror. Wow did I ever get skinny. She never lost a pound. Thank god now shes datable.
Where was I?  Enough questions for you. Lets get back to
pretending. Oh fuck no. Really fuck no. Fuck this. Fuck that. If were
fucked most likely we are working because of it. And its no walk in the
park. I don’t love you. Slut what are you 12. Black nail polish made
me do it.
There are no codes in this I just wanted to get a particular
persons attention. So anyway I wonder why the pretenders give so much attention to people with kids or having kids. Do you think a pretender does this to give it self some tiny boost of self esteem knowing its helping create life. Why doesn’t a pretender take more satisfaction giving a job to men trying to establish themselves that will do just that. I think this equates to the old saying more is better. It doesn’t matter if these are criminals or low intelligent screw ups. As long as the baby machine is in high gear. I would rather put my money on a horse that sparkles when it smiles and has genius baby batter in its loins. What the hell is a loin cloth. I will run things every now and again keep your fingers crossed. When was the last time some idiot ever actually paid for something at TD Bank or Chapters Indigo. Oh look there she is locking me out of the welfare office. Man is this woman easy to see.

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