I fear sometimes the no fear element

I’m not faster than you punish me sexually if I am not enough with this physical challenge of menacing force. Never lick the pussy we know what happen last time. Would
someone buy this GOD dumb thing.
Never shoot the secret service its just bad karma. They were all
brilliant rock stars. Building rock hammers all over my trail. How to fit
a shoe baby or not was here nor there. You won’t find it that I guarantee.
Don’t look around the green balls either or the pink ones or white ones
and if you see a red ball quickly for the love of GOD carry it home and
burn the fucker. My potty mouth has returned and all semblance of elegance love and sex has left my cold timed hands. Thanks.
I fear sometimes the no fear element of the continual monitoring
nature of THE GROUP might use the pretenders to control some
elements of my telecommunications. Again skip forward to above the
law if you want to see the atrocious shit I get away with and fear my
ultimate punishment by GOD herself. She better have a nice vagina too
or this relationship won’t last either skip to real vagina if you by some
fucking act of GOD read everything up until now and decided
masturbation won. You self flagellating piece of garbage. If your a
woman I will apologize that will be credit. Permanent
psychological damage might result in creative unique thinking and
separation from the alpha pack if you continue reading. The pretenders
might actually have an animal attempt reading something before actually
committing to read this to ensure their soul isn’t tainted by theft. Though
realizing that ordering it they are most judged by GOD and again full of
crap. If your still eager to be insulted and refuse to pay for this and keep
reading on I’m positive a tracking device isn’t in the spine of your book
and it won’t happen again. Page 88 of Nowhere Near Perfect was a real
shit storm so don’t try buying that. I really hate calling people down but
at some point getting kicked to the curb pissed on and stalked by THE
GROUP really starts to get to you. If I missed you up until now and
actually disappointed I failed to notice it must have been a just read. I
found just reads have the highest percent chance of actually going un-
noticed. I think its more or less the main that a selfish poor greedy
ungodly choice is what resulted in me noticing you read something. I’m
not trying to trap you either if your a dirt ball criminal. Some scum
really deserve to be free and out on the streets as long as they are stable
and doing just scum bag deals. I thought I would give the grammar and
structure a rest this book series.
Do the pretenders. use Luminous Financial? Does this shadow
bank or well for lack of a better word bank or if it even has a physical
presence go back to THE GROUP in a credit union. Does the fake or
real Illuminati use this name. I really don’t care but since its so difficult
to get some meek person to pay up on there losses I wondered if this was
the case. Everyone wants to be interactive while I do my writing I have
no idea why. Nothing you can or say will disturb me from my cone of
silence and distract me. In fact your not even going to notice it this time
unless you actually pay for something. I’m going to be paid regardless
but you wont see this unless you actually want it. Pretty sad stuff.
Heaven forbid Mi10 pops this cervix out of the park but hey like I tried
explaining it a fucking nature reserve and the only way to get me in the
park is force me out of where you have no right forcing me out of. The
pretenders seem to be corrupt since lack of crime forces them to bend the
rules to find new ways to give the illusion of crime. Thus the pretenders are criminals just hiding and buying time jumping around annoying us with there evil.

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