God knows and so do I now thanks for the info

Organized crime means more than one pretender working in effort and conspiring to cause evil to one or more person or person making them also a gang. The pretender gang should be removed. The first time pretender warned it will be disciplined. The second time pretender should be disciplined. The third time pretender
should have to leave the gang. We will try and find the other gang
members when they start asking where the latest worst pretender ended up finding work. Then replace that pretender with a group member. I know what your thinking. Seems pretty organized. Well what can I say I hate competition. Free money did. Don’t tell me you saw her. Don’t insult me never mind. Hey I’ll give you all names if you want. I did. Again he scared me. The unpredictable nature of THE ANIMAL once losing its soul makes working with it difficult at best. Your always wondering if its stable or not. Or if one day when I need it to help me defend a property or secure someones safety including my own it will jump ship and join the criminal. Some animals think they are doing the right thing but confused by the fact they don’t realize they are actually evil and committing sins easier now they have taken life. GOD knows and so do I now thanks for the info. Think of life like a bus stop with a variety of less than middle class struggling to get into the middle class. None of us want to be waiting for the next bus but have too to maximize our saving capacity. Now one day we will have enough to own something ourselves one day. The pretenders job seems to make sure everything it has will never be shared with someone that has spent its life struggling to succeed. It believes money is free and profit pointless.
Unless it detects a profitable business which it can buy. Now the
pretenders can u-surf authority and become more powerful gaining more money in which to divide somewhere with THE GROUP. The pretender gets rewarded and this is the bribery or blackmail or laundry aspect that it tries to win favor with THE GROUP. The group is the slowest to anger the enhanced group is even slower to anger so much so it even at times hurts itself just to find when the pretenders will show up to finish them off. I suggest this as not exactly a science but a rough guide to how I classify the entire society that has received payment of some kind for more than a year. Rarer and rarer and at times impossible to find since even THE GROUP will not consider itself to be included in STATS THE GROUP. This is a great idea since there are so many of them getting tickled with feathers in areas like Surrey, BC. I’m not sure why. The bread looked intelligent and I hope it got there OK on that lonely freighter bound for SADI SM.
Whats asap. I wonder sometimes if I am hurting myself enough
to be considered one of them. Who are they. Well they aren’t them that’s clear. If they were them I would have been paid by now. I think most of them wonder who they think they are. I help them realize that basically there asap. Being rushed into a decision that overall we won’t really be able to trace until its too late and I have had a good three months to remote view. Then you can be confident I will guess about everything and be wrong 89-90 percent of the time. The time of which is 8:31 pm. I hope my fans pay me soon. I am never going to move yet for some reason THE GROUP is trying to clean up its province from what I understand. Not sure as to why asking me to move ANOTHER GROUP to a town with the same name would be both ironic, iconic and just. The pretenders will never join ANOTHER GROUP simply because they will be tried with espionage if they leave THE GROUP. Not sure if this is very painful or results in jail time or even steep financial fines. Why would one every leave somewhere they get two paychecks a month and life is easy and organized? I traded Google. Hi. Everyone is wonderful healthy and fine. Bye.

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