Wow don’t tell me you categorized the charities again did you. What a better way to hide a large erroneous donation than to give it to a charity which is acting as some benevolent group giving only to themselves. I started learning fast that charities want nothing to do with real people donating there honest time to doing good. I think that’s a local problem though I don’t think charities work this way in all areas of British Columbia. I called many left emails and messages however no one wanted my time. Soon as I left and got paid for my time though someone instantly wanted and got it. Its too bad so many people around me failed to help me feel like I belonged.
To me anyway I can’t seem to find people to fill the gap between 40-50 that are working but somehow the ones I do have nice homes and own things. Its a strange vacuous age I found that if you haven’t found work by 25 that’s steady your wasting your time looking. THE GROUP seems to find places for this rare age group which is too young to be retired and too old to work retail. After all now that I myself am 40 I have to wonder if this is it for me and maybe just like some other cultures the young strong inexperienced men will just do me off. Will the war there ever end.
Without going too far back since now hey magically we are up
do date let me tell you a story. Wait I can’t tell you a story!
Unfortunately this stuff happened I wish I was making it up. What
aspects haven’t I covered about the pretenders up until now. I know what your thinking. I have painted these guys and gals with the same brush labeling them as a bunch of dark horses. That’s not necessarily true. While I might suggest the majority of them are evil I wouldn’t be
surprised if a few really do mean the best at heart. The pretenders have a fascination with internet service providers. They want to control our information as much as possible to gather and collate it as much as possible. At times why might even be discriminative or persecutory or ignorant or even hatefully racist. I have found that they can get a way with nearly everything. I have filed multiple complaints to THE GROUPS privacy ombudsman and privacy protection services yet nothing ever seem to be done. They again want complete animinity as they seamlessly integrate themselves at points between the customers and the ISP’s. At the end points of the internet or the last mile service it can be frustrating working with a pretender as he or she pretends to even have a clue what they are doing. You might be light years ahead of whoever it is understanding the most complicated gpon, bonded, multiple point pppoe, and complex bridging multiplexing yet get stuck with someone that assigns a dhcp to a netblock they don’t even know yet though one assignment. Its so depressing to know that someone untalented like a pretender has taken credit for your ability to set up dns, smtp , web or dhcp servers. Having complete control of a netblock at the same time as well as multiple gateways can result in total abandonment by a pretender posing to be a qualified techie. Again some deviants like
to be rewarded with commendation or a so called pat on the back as they need to desperately to be notice for their amazing abilities. How
impossibly mind blowing it can be to have to sit through a long list of
instructions when amazingly enough the tech could of said you would
have to bridge two layers of separate dsl signals since that’s the only way to achieve the upper 100 mhz bands. I’m probably wrong its probably 8 wires of 20mhz or 40mhz who knows. While I hate arguing with a pretender sometimes its almost unbelievable how complicated that is to have expected a customer to understand in the first place. Usually I don’t have to bridge a part of your dslam to a main line if not the entire multiplexor. These particular set of pretenders again might be retired RCMP pretending to investigate something but really more or less committing fraud of some kind. Fraud could be most likely stealing identities of various Canadians in order to give the illusion they have advanced networking knowledge.

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