And now for something disturbing

I should be able to sense your horniness announce that I have a good chance at giving you a real orgasm and then you can leave me for good after-wards. I’m possible its just the way it has been done for centuries. Then you can become scared and confused by what just happened to your body and you can mistaken it for pain and fuck up like the stupid idiots you all are. Now leave me thinking I hurt you in some way. After your clitoris becomes the size of a football and you have had maybe countless children and your womb and vagina are the same thing we will get more into this later. Fuck you honey no really fuck you, you intelligent disgusting cum guzzling gutter
What the hell I lost my audience lets get back to what matters.
There are some places inside British Columbia where pairing of men and women allows more job opportunities to become seem-less and
abundant. All you need is a low morality and fuck quick and sloppy like never getting it right but try and fail at sex often to ensure a great turn over. While we are here why not degrade everyone chances by allowing the most un-intelligent control over hiring and firing with unlimited power. Now we have got a real successful business. Everyone fucking each other creating more power now becoming a part of accounting to combine deposits into one single bank account ensuring saying everything twice will allow murders to go on easier. Or is that whats happening for realsie. The investigation process should be controlled by a power hungry fool that has total control of the entire operations which we can now call the director. Get angry at the pussy really beat it up oh yah oh yah. Finally the cervix now feels the inner trauma only a 9 inch penis could deliver wow are those girls smart. Thank GOD they will never have one. Now with all the scaring left behind it will be even harder for the next perfectly sized genius to deliver on the goods way to go ladies.
Sugar rush. It was pound to happen. I’m not sure what everyone
is scared of it really was her bread slicer it left a psychic echoe. But back to the pretenders lets not get off track. The pretenders are found all around us in life they are the ones passing in and out of our lives but remaining someone we don’t after they judge us. Eventually when money is a motivator the pretenders seem to have a way of putting rational thought and doing the right thing second to continual employment. I guess this is achieved through deception. Somehow they convince business’s that there own money isn’t needed. THE GROUP will subsidize them with name changing to offset the payroll to ensure their constant employment and low morality to stay in charge. I really do using perfect examples for fear of retaliation and hardship somehow conspired against me by THE GROUP. Heaven forbid there be a JOB OPTION for these people. How much more free time can I dedicate to THE GROUP to humor mostly women a inevitable no to the most talented deserving man will be guaranteed. I am not the only man in BC that’s capable but when I am the only one still showing up to get persecuted it seems shit for brains gets it. I did she was hot and who the fuck cares. Its 6:16pm July, 21st 2015 and I don’t really give two shits if she shows up again to screw me this time in some ignorant little tent in
some glorious stink holy. Fingers Crossed! So I ORDERED service
again hopefully the same excellent line quality is quickly being SET up
globally in different countries. Obviously this isn’t the way we do a set.
I think it was bound to happen. A twisted pair. Maybe a bonded line.
Maybe a shell egg drop. Or my favorite a entire fucking lost gateway or entire netblock! One hundred thirty seven reasons to forget I existed somewhere else in the enormous world. Just do it. My shoe is the best shoe. But enough about you lets talk about what I can’t do! Every time I save a incredibly beautiful well balanced woman’s life she should have to suck my penis. It should be a rule. The entire bag if shes talented. But what if I don’t trust women again for the rest of my life? How do I know I can trust you. Rhetorical bag licker. I requested a dongle and that’s just the fucking way it is ok bitches.

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