You don't have to die to be a best seller

You don’t have to die to publish a best seller.
Here’s what I want. I want a helicopter at the top of a building
for realsie. I want a briefcase full of money no plastic bills. I want 19 f-
35 jets configuration D just because C is over rated I saw the test.
Honestly you can joke in true stories there is no law saying a factual
novel hard or soft has to be meaningless drivel sold to idiots. I think the porn industry is profitable but its no nowhere near perfect my friend. I want to cuddle you so tightly your breasts pop out of a ripped tight black blouse. Then ask the other 350 guys what country they pay for it in. All my facts are checked against the international fuzzy bunny slippers with ears agency database
and its logo is so secretive the director myself had to delete it 5 years
ago. I’m not just making these people up guys that’s a real abomination to GOD. When I say we I don’t mean me and you but more or less the entire intellectual community that decides who gets to keep there job. We really screwed up here, we should of never tried to modify our DNA during embryonic state other than fertilization. I think the only way to get preggers is a good old fashion screw. I think there is 90 percent hirer rate of fertilization if you actually talk to her. Also if its too long chop that fucker down to size. Use half that cock sucker and go twice as fast until her head explodes while muttering pay me in her ear. Christ I know that would do it for me. Its not worth dying over. Her hairs wonderful that way. Which is the real one?
Virtually undetectable negligent difference in overall
performance or inhibition.
I would rather smoke a nice cigar and I have to watch how I say
that. Seriously though not bragging here but some of the cigars I smoke challenged the last smell I got. But lets be truthful here when has a smell ever been right. You love me so much your dying aren’t you. Tough luck this one writes it. GOD almighty who would put so much effort in something and get no financial reward from it at all. You would have to be a complete idiot to deny someone that has shared so much of there life with you that it crippled there day to day life with negative judgment and unwanted popularity from the wrong sort of person. Sometimes she looks at me now. I’m scared I feel her eyes on me. Well this novel couldn’t be all about me it could it. Who am I talking about? Who longs to be recognized under a variating strange environments? I really hate to give up all the juicy details of my life, I suppose you would really have to be there in person to know. I doubt this means all your friends wait a second I just remembered shouldn’t I be talking about me? I hate
when I do that. Oh yes I’m not telling a story but boringly laying out
factually obvious events in a chronological order of mundane verbiage of meaningless confusing. It was great. Again I must say I’m there right with you annoying you in real time. Who is this mysterious woman I thought to myself. But I’m not allowed to think to myself. So what I did was stare back to the hopelessness of my situation. Do I talk to her I thought again to myself. I’m not telling you a story I thought again to myself.
But I don’t do that anymore.
I have no idea how you got here so fast did you like the oatmeal
cookies? I’m so in love with these new shoes I got they are incredible!
Perhaps you got annoyed and skipped this part.
I love you.
I have to stay alive now. I love how people always try and go back
and forth all the time looking things up it makes me feel special. Oh you don’t say. Well everything doesn’t have to be about you all the time sometimes I fake real interest in my audience which I seem to have lost completely. No. Its a no get use to the no know the no is always going to be no. Where was I yes I remember now. Don’t laugh she did.

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