Who the hell was that?

Shes much happier now that I’m back making the scene. And no
I’m not dating her. Besides every GOD darn thing she does bounces
financially and globally. Maybe I’m too quick to judge her. Maybe its a
fact I can’t find one? I love her with all my heart right up until she tried
to kill me again. This is where I chuckled over the diagnosis of paranoid schizophrenia.
I know what your thinking. GOD your stupid. She was there. What
the hell did this have to do with the cost of tea in China? Is he building a wall? He keeps it 100? Where did the Russians go? Did my sentence
structure break up? Can’t I ask my audience questions? Did you know
she can say up to 320 dollars anywhere in the entire world anytime she wants as long as she doesn’t say it twice? Who in the H E double hockey sticks am I talking about? I wish I knew more about her. She really is.┬á My mother is the same way. I’m scared. It won’t last. It’s a shoe either way for me. You like short sentences when your a dictator. Basically I lost my train of thought lets try a new paragraph.
Oh yes enter the office romance scene. If your a fan of Nowhere
Near Perfect your gonna love this expansion novel series. Ever since our eyes met I realized that no man would ever be good enough for her. The previous sentence should of ended with her you we. They did. It hurt. It’s on its way. You deserve better. Who the hell was that. That’s all I get 322 appearances of let me rub up against you. Seriously a lie is a lie though. I really think shes cute. Two cell bills ah I lost her number but everyone does, that’s why I thought she was the one. I’m so sick of sleeping on this bag of hot air. Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes Oh yes. Like that will ever happen again. I really don’t want to ruin this for you but try between chapter 12 and 14.
This paragraph mostly explains the fact everything in
my series about my life experiences should line up well. I despise
myself. I’m the most arrogant man in the Universe. I believe everything has its place and time. I love you because your undesirable that way. I am. I am I am. I felt like the only way to keep my job over there was to either arrange a quick screw with anything female on the production line. Why is it a way of life for some is a lifetime of protecting a job by lowering your self esteem to have sex with your fellow worker. What kind of Waldo world would think an intellect would be interested in holding onto a position by screwing someone you work with. All I wanted was a good job not a position where my self esteem international trades and dignity
all worked against me. Was I truly joining a nation of young self
pleasurers. I think money has nothing to due with it when the point of
my job daily seemed to explain when someone was insulting them. What kind of job is explaining to people how there system is failing. I don’t want to be the bearer of bad news folks but this company is bankrupt.
Much like the previous company I worked for it would seem the business model was theft itself. I am not investigating anything just buy the book. If my life is complicated any more by some joker looking to get his or her 5 minutes of fame I think I must insist on living my life in a solid state. At least that way I will realize this will clear up in
no time flat. Rather than living my life in some fantasy in a 3rd world
where I self pleased myself into some magical wealth train. What was it where actual sales of real world items actually would insult a factory?
Amazing I thought to myself as I realized how brilliant a plan it is to sell free items. We have a store in town maybe you have heard his true voice from Africa? Not saying that Africa is the biggest Country for corrupt electronic financial transactions but its probably in the running for this clothing flogger. How can I run from one hopeful job to another every day it seems now only to find the same conspiracy. The conspiracy seems to be to hide the truth as much as possible. Unfortunately my truth seems to be taken allot by everyone but me yet everyone doesn’t want to be me it would seem.

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