The group an essential part of our Government

Not that this isn’t an essential part of THE GROUP facilitating life itself when the economy fails. I hate categorizing things all the time. They treat the animals much better than the people. Animals are needed all the time since people are of so much more value that dirtying there hands with the mere mention of physical work which makes us less beautiful. A beautiful person is hundreds if not thousands of times more important than some animal. Never take life. The cereal is too sweet. I ate it. Delicious.
Now bribery of an animal as a last resort when they finally get
their hands on one of THE PRETENDERS is something THE GROUP
allows. When its too high profile to mention that’s when not the A team but the fuzzy bunny slippers with ears agency gets involved. After all abominations are not created under GOD but by man entirely. An enhanced GROUP member is considered the most valuable. A animal might have some of the same parts but it was created entirely by man and a machine not born from a woman. I believe the technology exists, Burp.
Prove me wrong. Apparently cloning exists. I’m no sheep (an
animal) but I can be repaired not replaced as only a living original could. Born from a woman entering the world as a baby yet living for eternity through technology would be the goal of all arrogant men and woman throughout the world. What if money could buy that would you be interested? I am careful not to ask legitimate questions but every question has been rhetorical throughout my entire works you decide. Wow I hate the way that sounded. I don’t believe I am GOD. I aspire to be like GOD. I spend my every breathing moment wanting to be with GOD as much as possible. Right up until GOD’s true voice starts leading me down the wrong path. Men are capable of good and evil but what about women? I choose good over evil every single time but I believe its Satan which will try to make us think some evil is necessary to remove greater evil. Its that thinking which is the wrong path. This is when in thought it came to me. Would GOD ask us to do a necessary evil?
Rhetorical. Never insult him. Specially mine.
How do the pretenders feel about Jesus? That would be my
biggest stumbling block in thought. Don’t we all picture Jesus as
suffering and dying for our sins capable of withstanding the greatest of all suffering and injustice so we can live free. Or is Jesus at a bank
trying to save his own life stealing all our identities and wealth trying to buy a few extra days. Is that Jesus or GOD we are hearing. If it was GOD which overrules Jesus then we know the outcome. We’re screwed. We are human beings and no one human being no matter how talented will ever be allowed GODs true power. I wrote this because you needed to read something interesting and thought provoking not judge me to death. He would.
I separate this slightly as I think about expanding on a more
thought provoking subject. Even if I was born or died on the same day
as Jesus that would not make me any more like GOD. Even if I had a
birth mark where the final spear took Jesus’s life on my abdomen that
would not make me more like GOD. Even if I could hear all human
beings sins in real time and images of there lives when they were the
most happiest and remind them with speech GOD loves them I would not be more like GOD. Don’t think about that. Sometimes they have to be tested. Why not all of them? Would GOD care? GOD created the universe I’m sure he wouldn’t mind taking another stab at that. We are human beings but when does our arrogance finally bring GODs true voice out telling us stop being like me or die. It happens. You push so far as to try and decide someones death and a murderous echoe will haunt you through eternity. Murderers eventually or allot of the times are reminded of this by GOD so much throughout there life they try to take there own lives in some way. I believe the perfect union between the USA and CANADA have this debate solution to a T.

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