Oh generations after generations classic earners

This ends up becoming management which inevitably needs to associate closer and closer with financial people to maintain a business. Its when others get involved that
are better at some elements these people are most prone to jealousy. A meek person is a weak person. Weak people are very visible in some
business’s. That’s why they become management which is easier to hide as they lie to maintain operations of what has been demonstrated to be
unprofitable. Thinking big isn’t always the problem but if your stealing all your ingredients its obvious you failed as a manager. Also if all the thieves are putting more than one product in each of the boxes or containers to ship to more thieves to ensure more variety of stolen good sales its becomes a farce or a force effort. So the meek weaken themselves it would seem. They usually are people that do things and lie out of the immediate nature of there predicament when things fail. Short sentences. I love you. Keep reading I still love you. I have so much to say at times I can’t get it all out. Oh yes. Self pontificating picking on all that are weak. Oh thanks for reminding me I stole that. When the police become corrupt it really is in my eyes the worst situation. Hence the idle hands comment. When men have nothing to do the chances of them committing a crime becomes higher. This reason makes police theft and corruption so disturbing since they are the ones supposedly protecting us from theft. When it reveals a long line and way of life it really seems classically pathetic. You see it has been for generations the easiest way to give a man something to do and be rewarded financially.
You can try and valuate this anyway you can but overall this has 0 value to us as a business if your stealing. Theft can be intellectual or physical but physical theft again is the most disturbing not that intellectual theft is of less importance but possibly less painful. I know removing myself from a situation like this would be of a unbelievably important function now that I have time to asses what was going on. Not that I’m investigating a fake investigator or a pretender. Warrants are issued in uniform not by a pretender. Also the most dangerous job you could have if attacking corruption at the top since now you are wearing a target.
Declaring yourself a part of THE GROUP might be easier than wearing a uniform. But we will get into this more deeply in the above the law chapter.
What are we 12 years old here do you feel that? Give up
surrender your complete soul and let me tail you. I have no idea what
brought that about I need a leg up here its impossible. No right over top the last one. Because I am. I am I am.
Not even the pretenders could stop that. Oh yes I remember
now and a significant leak was created. Man did I stink because of that. Pretending that we aren’t ment to be. Why leave that out of the book that’s the best part. Shouldn’t you be obsessing and worshiping the very ground I walk on. I will send the limo around again if your really dying.
You want the one I put the wheel on or the one from Detroit wink wink nudge nudge. Anyone seen my wife? Its not funny anymore I think we might have to stay alive. Its nothing a flare up and 13 mistakes can’t cure. No I have to feel first to make sure, dammit hes already there!
Stop laughing its a matter of my life and death that I communicate. I
really am afraid to look. Its too personal I might. Don’t let anyone see
me like this someone might die. Whats wrong with this book its so hard to read. Then I’m going to listen to you all day long and take a piss, well son of a bitch, hes keeping his job that way he really does at work. I can’t get enough of that particular pretender. Shes illusive she’s all I think about like when will be the next moment I can ignore her purposely driving her insane. When I ignore that women it becomes clear that we will never spend another moment together for the rest of our lives hating the very air we breathe. It really does stink btw you were late again.
Which is the real one? That’s why I love my job. Shes the fat one. Who
cares. Dammit. I hate the skinny ones. What the hell are these? Dam
string beans. I really do deserve three of these now. Can I borrow your Bentley?

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