Never bite the hand that feeds you

Your not well balanced tough guy. Your gun isn’t more well balanced tough guy. Lets have a sit down. The law isn’t designed to keep dummies rich tough guy. You won’t be chased from the four corners of the universe for a good idea but a bad one that keeps hurting awesome people might make it into consideration. Again that’s the problem with some wealthy which is the most disturbing anti-GOD like behavior. Thanks.
I’m not trying to intimidate you with GODs true voice unless I’m
trying to intimidate you with GODS true voice. I will eat the noodle and tell the pie nothing. I will grow the carrot and spit on the peas and lastly who really gives a shit about the turnips or beets until they start bragging about it anyway. They really will do it themselves.
Ignorance is bliss.
Don’t they all look happy to be there.
Never bite the hand that feeds you. Unless of course your
chopping its arm off with a bread slicer anyway. Lets face it if she says
get the fuck out get the fuck out. The pretenders are the perfect
combination of meek piece of shit and a disposable razor. Easy to read
and at the same time the easy predictable nature of cold blooded killer with no respect for intelligence. Don’t get too smart or you will surely lose your job working for a pretender. Giving the illusion of dumb should be a sub-chapter since the perfect amount of dumb is necessary to ensure you give the illusion of maybe I am smart but lets face it I’m really dumb. Is this confusing enough. The pretenders aren’t brave. Brave is reserved for those of us strong, intelligence and fearful of GOD. GOD is so passionate he will do whatever he or she wants when he or she is convinced without a shadow of a doubt he or she is right. It was a cool book. I just turned my cursor blue then red then back to gold. I’m lying about the gold obviously. My life is no joke. Perhaps everyone telling you they didn’t buy it and burning or shredding it is. The pretenders seem to want to prevent the transfer of power to people or persons that deserve it to ensure the NDP is ready for a regime change.
I’m kidding obviously your allowed to do that in true stories unless your a piece of shit that wants to use the law to judge someone instead of paying for someones opinion which obviously is better than yours since your willing to part with your money to get your hands on it not me.┬á And by the way don’t try that again I’m slow to anger but your taking me there now. Again your younger rasher than me don’t deserve what you have , have less experience and lets again be honest your stupid as fuck for challenging me. My life isn’t to be weighted and measured like some famous movie quote and decided upon after finally the right scum bag gets his ass kicked. Why aren’t people brave enough to actually buy this. Why is there some secret conspiracy to prevent whats rightfully mine from actually becoming mine. Why would a coward be given so much power to ensure everyone ignorant was payed enough to keep the true
stolen source of power a secret. Wow are people stupid. I really do want a few millions at least and to be possibly and I say possibly sucked and fucked by a beautiful young lady after all I deserve it. Every-time some meek piece of shit wow do I ever love that phrase PUSSY. Think about it. That’s funny on all levels.
I don’t want to marry anytime soon since my options would be
reduced to zero or fuck every hot slut out there but there must be a happy medium. I’ve had it will all you women your making it too hard for me to get laid! Things should be easy.

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