Lets get back on track

Again closer to Jesus eh beaten down by hordes of woman and betrayed by a man at the top only because someone stole the book.
A real man or real woman would pay for creativity and distinctive enlightenment from a human rather than some computer generated piece of garbage. Sure I’m angry now writing this since you wont
compensate me for my work. Why is it that if you lose money to rich
men and woman your entire life the turn around is so destructive. Is it
because this power is a illusion to the physical fact that there is a para-dime shift of wealth occurring which those in power refuse to believe.  Stop being a asshole and start paying up.
I feel like I lost a audience that was never good enough to pay
for this in the first place what the hell steal a longer one. Why is it
women seek a longer penis when this does the most damage and causes the least satisfaction.
Lets get back on track again. I know what your thinking. Why
do the pretenders try to get away with so much deception only to realize once caught it could truly mean the end of there lives. I think saturation of life itself and there inability to share it is the motivation for them.  Maybe they have had some or great amounts of success in there lives but have to hide it since the world once again can’t pay them. Why is the world so pathetic. Why doesn’t the world pay great men and women a great wealth rather than controlled by garbage people. I don’t see how saturating a company with scrawny meek undecided shit gobblers forces scum to rise to the top. I was always more impressed with people more capable than me or more talented. I would love to stay in a position and constantly keep it yet watch brilliant men and women be promoted around me. Why compare me. Or is it that very fact that gets me fired.
A little wishful thinking on my part I suppose. Am I truly the best and
that’s why I am let go since there is no point in attacking me any longer. Maybe management realizes they will never exceed me. I think the pretenders get to relocate constantly under the fictitious direction from THE GROUP which allows them this unimportant superiority to us.  However that’s trading kicks there ass. They know that through there spying is works against them finding out all the truth of the real hard blood sweat and tears I have lost to them. Only to find out with all there power and control my truth outweighs them controls them and binds them to the very earth they stand on. Wow confident eh. I don’t expect some Saskatchewan wheat farmer to pop out of Nowhere thinking hes GODs gift to our company because he has the only two wheat Silos for 1000 miles. Or whatever the distance it is. Shipping controls the physical realm I warned you in Nowhere Near Perfect that the physical world moves and man lives in this world. That’s the way it is. I find that the pretenders seem to try to gain experience yet since they always have something to fall back on learn less than us out on a limb dangling for hope. Hope can be deadly when given to a starving man. Men starve for various reasons but mostly do to our idle hands. Try to kill a man is like killing his hope. If you take our hope our physical body’s suffer and we
die a little more inside. You will never crush my hope. If I find you I
would like to make it legal to crush your meek inferior face. The meek
again try to control the strong and that’s the problem with mans laws.
There is a balance. Its gone. Strong and stupid fails if you want to crush strong and intelligent eventually you will be fired. Many times you will find I or someone else is stronger simply because I or they are smarter. I can’t just slam you down with 12 million in a credit union and figure because your 6 feet 5 inches dumb as a fucking stump and threaten all money coming your way you will retain longer. You never deserved in the first place. Intelligence isn’t rewarded because its smarter its rewarded because it knows the balance and is more well balanced.

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