Laughing can be contagious

Laughing can be contagious and dangerous when you laugh so hard milkcomes out your nose sometimes you wonder wow how did they know Iwas drinking milk? She fell down.
Never get good at anything. I’m trying to. If the world was your
stage would you fall in love with it or the guy who scrapes the Genetically Modified completely man made engineered mold resistant flour from Sweden. Give up, the Swedish people are the smartest in the world I’ll show you a graph for me. Apparently I grip the Swedes and think about bursting into song as I dip a Nacho. Historically I feel total world domination to have not been the best Idea I have had as a dictator I mean Author. I’m sorry for ruining this so early I think I will get a coffee July, 20th 12:41pm 2015 five years after I dropped my first present in the Toilet. GOD I’m cool.
Ok I won’t beat around the bush anymore. Let me take you back
two days to Saturday where I was waiting in the nature reserve in Surrey for my next big interview! Unfortunately up until that point my life was looking hopeful. I learn’t how to be one of The Pretenders. They seemed they had to despise me and sabotage my life. This became seemingly transparent for me as day three of my voyage to that point without sleep which was making me desperately intelligent, caniving and almost willing to sacrifice my
dignity. I also learned through the grid that my information gathering was culminating to a fast conclusion due to my frail human shell. Faced with the reality I wasn’t getting my way two park officials approached me. Now I started sensing fast what was happening to me as I sit by the river way drinking my water talking to a Heron. I liked to talk to animals a lot that’s nothing knew, but I saw in the distance that my party was ending. These two guys might as well identified themselves as the enemy rather than park
officials as I thought what would a Military commander do. Well
perhaps I would secure a boarder and cripple the enemy’s movement and debate with higher command if we were killing or taking prisoners at this point. The park officials notified me that the park was under fire watch and I was not welcome there due to a ban in place. Unfortunately that was my problem. I had no place to live and the elements were taking there toll on me. The park officials asked me for my ID. Again I thought to myself I could provide you my Drivers License but again due to me being persecuted by a police state they had taken that away and issued me yet again another fine. In the olden days fines sometimes resulted in deaths. Any way it was militaristic how I was treated as it felt I was
being reported and recorded by others dealing with this process with bribes.
Corruption seemed to be again the problem. I was instructed after
gathering my info to take them to the entrance where I entered the nature reserve. We tootled with our bikes to the entrance and I showed them how I rode my bike down a 60 degree or so incline into a rocky path where I entered obviously where no sane man would. Questions came at me now as it became obvious after the man we passed now also a prisoner it seemed to THE LAW joined my effort to blazingly disobey it.
I was irritated as the one offical grilled me as to why I was there and
where I came from and what my plans were. This is cruel. This doesn’t
care for public safety. This is planing to cause pain and suffering. This
was targeting. This was following me. This is the problem. What
would a trained Navy Seal do after walking 20kms taking a 1 hour break minimum after slowly never exceeding 1 liter of water intake. Of course I am not, neither am I a doctor but that never mattered two days ago when someone sped up my voyage to Vancouver perfectly ensuring I wouldn’t get sleep and missing the last ferry. Was I being attacked constantly by the GROUP I thought to myself. Well my heart raced as the other park official left me on my own with my stupid comment “ So that’s it for me”.

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