I missed my interview

I kept my Dignity not offending the official and asked respectfully for a warning and included the information I am desperate for sleep and have no money. Thank GOD. It looked as if I was seeing the problem
culminating from a certain length of hatred for me. I dealt with reality
regardless of people hating me and seeing how easy it would be to prove. I think I got through to him after he grilled me for info that was none of his business. I would indeed just get a warning and be fined if I re entered the park. But I wasn’t in the park. I was in the nature reserve. And he was wrong. I did not drop out of the sky with a bicycle and set up shop obeying the law to the letter. Of course I could of went through the banned park before I got to the nature reserve. This seemed like a mute point as all I desperately needed was sleep. I had to abandon my shade for hot tarmac and more pain in the concrete jungle offset by the inability to go horizontal. I wanted to sit upright in the best air conditioned buildings. I survived this man. I hope the third man wasn’t better than me. He would have
been attacked worst than myself. After I was attacked I returned home to recover. I would of made my interview if I was not interfered with. Of course that would result in a child. The commitment of sustaining life other than yourself forces you to live you life devoted to another human being. Thats the way I see it anyways. I want to do it. I want to be more prepared. I want all The Pretenders to leave me alone and go away.
Who are The Pretenders? Well from what I have gathered CSIS
seem to get 72 grand a year and have to hide from Judgment. The wealth CSIS attained comes from all of us rather than a profitable business idea so in my eyes we are the boss. I am not saying that all pretenders work for CSIS but perhaps a large portion do. The Group of people that seem to conspire to injure me seem to work for other divisions as well which can make them dangerous if armed. Fisheries and Oceans actually have to be monitored now because of that. Who has one? Do they keep it long? Is everyone with a job the enemy? Was I being attacked for my pending job? The pretenders seem to use deception so much it becomes integrated into their society. Lying becomes a way of life and their lives are so de-valuated by this it becomes hard to face me. I hate looking at a pretender
in the eyes. They make it clear they are eternally here and can do
what they want through the hierarchy and infrastructure put in place to protect their payroll. They never have accounting in worst situations but more or less positions that become available that unfortunately someone has to take. I evaluate my position very quickly when being threatened by a gun. It doesn’t have to be worn after its used GOD knows and reminds us it was used and no longer there because of it. Problem solved.
The Pretenders have no dignity. If you encounter one the
purpose of a Pretender is to seek out someone of low intelligence and
take pride in the ability to do whatever he or she wants. They gain intelligence by lying constantly to ensure life is as difficult and confusing as possible. Again after gathering more and more information the pretenders overall goal is to control the entire financial and business market. I would estimate at the pinnacle of the financial industry you would have the best lying cheating conniving less deserving people of the entire universe culminate into a pretender. Pretenders love using people of the lowest intellect to launder there money. They can then hide behind these
people which everyone feels sorry for. They then pull their money with probably some shadow banking system they devised to lie to other pretenders to fight among themselves. I suppose again this is the problem with them. Inter office fighting among who can launder the most money for there own cause. I started a file against the damage THE GROUP is doing to me intentionally hoping this will deter them if we can some how cripple there financial resources and somehow force them to do as I DO not as they want me TO DO. Its the lack of ethics that amazes me the most. They become so materialistic and worldly they lose perspective on what really matters in there life. I want to change the world in a good way not necessarily just become rich and willing to crush any human being that BLOCKS MY FINANCIAL PATH.

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