I know what your thinking

I know what your thinking. No. If I look at you the longing will
be evident and we might do something impulsive and stupid. Stop
talking to her.
Toenail polish? Is it a sparkle day. Whoever is reading this lets
keep you grounded and think together for a change. The pretenders seem to take pride and pleasure in the deception. I know what your thinking by presonifying the paranoid persona so well do I really think the pretenders are out to get me? It’s my best guess that overall the one thing they take pleasure in the most is fooling particularly intelligent people. Not that I myself might fit the bill. However they seem to take more pleasure in the art of deception of a brighter person rather than a foolish one. Now don’t get me wrong. Foolish silly people are the corner stone of the industry since there iron clad institution ignorant pig headed stubbornness to accept reality keeps the organization intact. The most satisfying experience I’m assuming is the thrill of the hunt.
Once a successful capture is made the attack ceases and a new
target is found. If there is no other target available a problem is created to ensure that another might have a higher degree of probability of showing up. These rare events can be honed after years of careful experience. Sheer boredom would be the motivating factor for the pretender. That of course and I’m assuming again the ability to do whatever they want in any division of THE GROUP. Did you magnify ants and spiders as a young boy or girl? I think the pretenders seem to see themselves as omnipotent beings that can do as they wish to peace loving human beings as ourselves. They seem to set themselves apart to us in there own mind that they are so much more all knowing about there surrounding we are beneath them. And they are. To some extent. After all isn’t that the very job of THE GROUP . As they slow things down for us but live in a more rich environment where our blood fuels there much greater lies. The pretenders being a sub section of THE GROUP like to create a transparent senselessness and superiority to all divisions of THE
GROUP. The same remains true for similar organizations. Its a power
pyramid structure with the smartest richest most powerful at the top
breaking down to a larger wider slovenly pig headed stubbornness at the bottom. The enforcers or the gang mentality needs to be controlled by this perception of a smarter all knowing all seeing boss above them that can take there job any time they want. This being the biggest problem filling the boots of the subordinates. Violence being the most common part of a new hire. The pretenders hate being caught in a situation where they are forced into becoming physical and less mythical and electronic.
The shit hits the fan quickly when you see what a pretender is hiding
which might even be nearly to be expected with family names. The
Pretenders seem to always want to make murder a common event to
almost be expected when THE GROUP wants unionization and over 27 dollars a hour. Sixteen dollars a hour has always been the problem
number for THE GROUP. Its just not enough for some but so much to
others eventually taxes seem to come into play for maximization of real world wealth. Not that I’m sure 12 dollars a hour isn’t worth killing over in THE GROUP which in some cases are the most dangerous! Sex really has no play in THE GROUP as the pretenders clean up most accidents since they detest categorizing themselves with uniforms. I’m positive its not Superstore. The pretenders sometimes need to decentralize and disassociate themselves from THE GROUP since parts of THE GROUP might actually want them dead. The pretenders most likely will use one of their animals to carry out the grunt work when it comes to dealing with obedience problems or behavior problems. An animal isn’t human but is a abomination to GOD. A animal just does what its told for food shelter or money? I would never want a Pretenders
job. Eventually a pretender is caught by THE GROUP and delt with a
separate rule book they believe to be handed down from GOD.

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