I can only describe them as the pretenders

The Pretenders
In this world there is good and evil are you sure you seen all of us?
Every day in our lives we carry on slogging away at our day to day trials and tribulations. Human beings love being happy, well I would love to believe that I suppose. But what of us all thought provoking
intellectuals bored by life having already been saturated by nearly
everything life offers us? Do you take revel in adulation and
subjectification of your peers? You would have to be a dark horse of
humanity to enjoy the pain and suffering of yourself or others. I don’t
want to say I. Never insult yourself people don’t understand that , after all you weren’t there.
My life isn’t a game to be stretched, pulled and yanked from
every corner of British Columbia and put under the magnascope. Why am I judged not only by God but by the continual observation of what I can only describe as the pretenders. I ask allot of questions don’t I? Well its personal its just me and you. I sell you this and you give me money that’s just the way it is.  The pretenders is what I have come to label these people. They come in and out of my life nearly daily as soon as I travel. My freedom and movement is severely crippled by the constant observation and judgment of the pretenders. I am not responsible for the behavior of one or more
individuals that fail at the process of allowing me to be free. Its the
constant reminder daily that I receive during my travels that disturbs me the most about the pretenders. Are you a pretender? Do you feel my judgment labeling you a sadistic individual? Maybe your someone
suffering from sadism that focused too much on my life ignoring your
own. How can I help you? I am not talking to myself and wasting my
time and effort to help you better understand GOD. I love you. Your
interest in this book proves without a shadow of a doubt I am loved, feel love and deserve happiness.
Why on earth would someone want someone else to feel pain. I
feel your pain World I don’t need that negativity in my life. Notice how I have made no mention of the groups name of the pretenders. The ring leaders of the pretenders from my observation seem to take most pride in the evasiveness of there own people. I wouldn’t of ever devoted this much time in describing them since they refuse to leave me alone.  World, go pick on someone your own size your too big to judge my day to day activities. Don’t de-valuate my soul with your valuation of self worth. Only I control the power and control over my life not the pretenders. I know what your thinking. I love the over complication of a sentence too much. When your so confused as to what I am talking about I feel a small victory. The world is a tricky place it seems and the pretenders want to bottle, cork, can or preserve its life regardless of right or wrong.
Perhaps good and evil do battle daily and search out a victim.
Heaven forbid I focus your attention to some mythical heavenly or
hellish battlefield between mans law and GOD’s law. In the end we all
know which law will matter the most. Hey guys, gals and abominations its your lack of respect for GOD in the first place that made me dream of picking sides. Wow what kind of a man would believe he is a quill or scribe of GOD. That kind of arrogance could only be reserved to a group so wicked and intelligent they jockey over position to judge their own people. Whats worst a wicked man or wicked woman? Who is capable of more evil and atrocity to mankind? Who thinks they can clean up the world by some heavenly commandment that takes life? Omg, is that the real military?
And there it is deception vs perception.
I hate to cut this short but you knew might makes right at some
point didn’t you? I love questions. I love jumping around from place to
place. I love my freedom. I love myself. I love you. I believe your life
is worth fighting for. I won’t sacrifice my life for you or ever break
down. I am the strongest man you will ever meet until the next strongest man shows up. I will pulverize your heavenly quill into the ground if it doesn’t suffer as much as mine.

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