Homosexuality is a disease of the mind

I am not scared until you show up to
scare me. I will not judge you, until you show up to judge me. I will not
take from you, until you start taking from me. I am the smartest, most
intelligent man in the entire universe until a woman finally shows up. I am not worth fighting for until you get lost too many times in the shuffle and name calling. I am not Military until I have to agree to something that requires either ethics or self preservation. I will never compare your sacrifice as being more significantly loved under GOD’s eyes until my sacrifices are in jeopardy. I will never prepare my will until I’m ready. My life’s not a joke or categorized into a convenient or ignorant way to make money with titles of something I have or have not agreed to by basically anyone that is willing to pay for it. And your easy to see now thank GOD. Though shall not kill and I think I borrowed that line. I’m not, until someone can see GOD more clearly worshiping a division of excellence which may or may not be foreign. Never classify yourself for if you do people will come after your job with deadly force. I believe I really am not. Honestly I’m so sure I’m not we might even think the same thing doesn’t need to be done. Stop tickling people with feathers, that’s my job. Never worship because if you worship eventually they might warship. Maybe then the real fake joint effort might be realized and all four of us might actually have to run away from something not trying to kill us. BTW, that’s not India and we are not suffering. Egypt will love you more if you learn about tickling people with feathers.
I’m covered in shit. Homosexuality is a disease of the mind.
Wait for Satan to show up. I think you have to have sex with her or she will kill you? I think you have to have sex with him or he will kill
you? Why don’t you see if I’m home first. Your better than me. One or
three choices? I miss him and love the man with all my heart. This book is no secret. It gets easier honey hey you gave the order. She loves me to death. All of hers. You have to pay for that by law. Don’t argue you’ll pay for that. I want every penny of nothing. You have to pay for that with Idle promises or threat of force or legal action. Weak. I hate cash.
The use of force isn’t needed no one wants that. Its why your imaginary. I’m not but I wish I was. I’m deadly serious. Your Ignorance is. Drop the charges. Now that’s a logo! Never ask yourself a question! Its not a secret!  Stop manipulating the law.
Delicious. Do you pay for sex? Why you still here? Does dust
judge dust? Whats on my shoe?
I know I will never get out of it. Thanks. At the same time?
Oh now I remember what I was going on about all the time. I
shouldn’t have to explain anything. That’s right folks the mere thought of trying to earn a decent living have a job a home, and heaven forbid a wife and kids hurts. I look around sadly each day worried that sharing the most intimate thoughts of my mind becomes top secret. It hurts me to think that anything I thought about would hurt another human being.  You would have to be a abomination under GOD’s eyes to think you could benefit from anything I create. What the hell I have nothing to lose its not like fire and brimstone will fall from the sky and 6 countries will go to war for this. You didn’t buy this book with Amex did you? Sort of a general question I ask to help involve my American readership. Lets face it I exist. I hate challenging authority since again, lets face facts here this ain’t no police state.
It’s no conspiracy that absolute corruption corrupts absolutely
and the entire group of people are hell bent on spitting on GOD through me preventing me from acquiring happiness through wealth.
Wow was that ever long.

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