Farmer Friggs – Bobby Bubblegum is hard at it?

Well this amazing new book will be on my list to buy when it comes out.  I wonder what farmer friggs will look like.  I like the sense of accomplishment finishing a book in its entirety (silent laughter).  I wonder if anyone ever really made it all the way through mine.  I like to think my books are addictive yet they are so expensive.   My favorite character so far is Priscilla the mean old cat.  There must be amazing amount of hard work that goes into art work.  Its so time consuming and difficult so hard to monetize all the hours of hard work that must be.  Bobby Bubblegum has my full attention now and I am glued to my seat waiting for the next one to come out.  I remember a mean old cat that hated me that reminds me of this character.    At the time of this post is down so I can’t really keep up to what is going on there right now so that’s a bit of a bummer I hope its back up soon.  I want to get back into reading again but I don’t know of any good biographies worth buying right now.  I think peoples true lives interest me the most but that doesn’t seem to be what really is available.  All the best sellers seem to be fictional.  I wonder what it must be like to make 10-30 million a month.  Well maybe Nowhere Near Perfect just has quality over quantity.  Well good luck Naomi and Danielle I’m eager to know the next series!

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