Does money have more value taken from harder working people?

Man vs Man vs Elements. The Lesser man loses wealth and does not make more strength. I am not threatening the pretenders I am just pointing out a simple fact. I know how to recover fast from injury. If they follow my own path injury might result. I would hate for this to happen to anyone even my enemy but your not my enemy your a head of state and desperate aren’t you? I love seeing people better than me. I love to see someone take my job. I love GOD. I love every minute of my time on earth. No man will take that away from me. The fact one tries indicates the lengths I must go through to correct an ignorant way of thinking. A smart man might endure pain to some extent to get what he wants to correct the problem.
An ignorant man will try and prevent the truth from coming out that he as endured a lie his entire life. Why label people as a pretender you might ask me. I hate deception, I despise lies so much I see it as the enemy.
As I headed to the bottomless pit I did not seek the help of Satan but that of GOD’s and if I perished to continue living that indeed must of
happened. The pretenders hate my use of the word GOD since I take it they fail to pay for anything in their lives due to the enormous lie they believe. As I walked over something I wondered if cold fusion had medical applications to regrow parts of the human body. You could replace them as long as we were always in a living state. When does death occur? I suppose this is the question doctors have been asking the medical community for years. Some believe it to be brain death, some believe it to be exactly the time the heart stops beating. I believe the latter you can believe whatever you choose. The pretenders lose a great deal of dignity and self worth when they give themselves wealth through either a lie or the creation of it from nothing or loans. If the wealth isn’t there in the first place choosing to believe they have access to more will just lessen them as a human being. The pretenders de-valuate themselves when business’s fail. The money has more value when it comes from a working man or woman in a production environment rather than from intellectual sources. Which is why the pretenders again refuse to allow
me to be real it would seem no one there has the individual strength to allow a physical product to be paid for. Maybe the eBook is better.
I guess we are up to the point where I talk about En—voking a police state and the dangers of magical financial reinforcement. Idle hands are the devil’s playground. Now that your powerful what are you going to do with it? Will you just dust off anything that gets in your way not allowing it to survive? Are you Satan? This is the pinnacle of what we know to believe as absolute power corrupts absolutely. Now do you have to be as rich as Solomon to become evil? Are people that are extremely wealthy angelic or evil?
The meek shall inherit the earth. Now here’s the problem. There is none.  I am pointing out how the weakest people on earth get ignored
sometimes that are so week they give themselves millions of dollars as they become hopeless with there inability to make it from the real world.
Some define this as WELFARE. Don’t fall on your own petard. Don’t
become so good with your own business ability that you ascend in a self adulizing self worshiping. I’m the best me fest. That’s the ideology. I dedicate that line to King James Edition fully certified by GOD himself which is neither catholic or christian. Not the Kevin James Katovic Edition. I still want my Bible back Babylon. Babies rule the world. I just want to be the best. Why is life so easy here? Whoops there I go again. I am not a Psychologist yet I think I know man well and women a little bit.
I’m onto something here let me expand a bit. I want the best
minds to work with me without falling victim to jealousy of something I don’t even have but which they can at times believe I do. I am saying this not to offend but to draw attention to the fact its true the meek do inherit the earth. Its those of us that sacrifice our dignity and ethics to form a lie. We do this to continue gaining whatever small portion of the lie each two weeks so we can keep going on.

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