Craigslist Scammers

Craigslist ScammersI’m tired of craigslist scammers trying to use people for there time.  I post a link looking for work and keep getting approached by craigslist scammers.   Usually these people barely speak english but for some reason enjoy pretending they are employers.  The typical ploy is they try to get you to post links for them in exchange for hundreds of dollars a weak.  Unfortunately there spammy links get flagged by Craigslist admins and there is really nothing you can do about it.  Don’t get taken advantage of by these posers.  They have no intention to pay you for your time but just want to take advantage of you to spam craigslist as long as possible before you realize they will never pay you.  Unfortunately they have no business but they tend to pretend they have a business name to add to the illusion.

Craiglist Scammers seem to be everywhere these days and just don’t waste your time with these people.  Usually they are from out of country and are just wasting your time.  Unfortunately they like this system of trying to get free labor out of there victims.  It seems the scammers outnumber the real people these days.  I guess there is not much to do online these days and these people are always looking to take advantage.  Don’t fall for it protect yourself from craigslist scammers.