Texas Semi-Driver denies knowledge immigrants were in his trailer

immigrantsThe driver of a tractor trailer unit claims he was unaware that he had 100 immigrants in his trailer dying of heat exhaustion. The driver James Bradley Jr. a 60 year old was arrested July,23rd 2017 after finding dozens of undocumented Mexican and Guatemalan nationals. The heat in the trailer was so bad the 100 occupants were starting to die of heat exhaustion and dehydration. In total 10 people had died after the ordeal was over. How is it you don’t know what your hauling? It’s difficult for me to imagine the callousness of the people who orchestrate this.

At least two of the nationals recount be smuggled in small groups across the Rio Grande River a popular crossing point for illegals. They claimed to have been housed in stash houses in the town of Laredo and put into the tracker trailer. The conditions inside the trailer were unimaginable. With no ventilation and no water the people were taking turns gasping for air outside the trailer through a hole. The apparent cost the immigrants paid was 5500 dollars. Well if the driver denies he didn’t know there were people inside his trailer how do they get inside the trailer in the first place. This would have to be a time critical thing so I guess its confusing as to how and where they where expected to be unloaded.

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