Poker table manager

poker table managerHow soon do you make your move when your the poker table manager.  That’s the guy or gal you nailed it there they are counting cards and you are right there trying to catch them.  Give up I say don’t try and catch the card counters let them run a muck with the entire organization.  It can be tiresome being a manager at times but get busy doing other things.

Be your own Boss

Don’t work for other people first off, work for yourself.  Working for other people many times just gets you stuck with non like minded individuals that dislike you.  Liking your job is mandatory some places and the only way to truly do this is work for yourself.  Poker is like woman your either good at it or your not.   God knows I’m too old to start trying to understand them again.  With all the referrers coming from slots these days I wonder sometimes.  Just relax when your winning at the table is my own advice.  If you draw too much attention to yourself you can easily get monitored and then people can make you feel uncomfortable with continually winning.  Get use to people winning if your a poker manager.  Good luck!