Books About Schizophrenia

SchizophreniaIts a question many don’t ask anymore now with the dawn of the internet area. That question is have you read any good books lately? We might laugh at this cliche question but it might be asked in earnest. More importantly books about schizophrenia has anyone ever asked that one? I have written Nowhere Near Perfect a book about how I dealt with schizophrenia. While its true I was hearing things at the time it was a short period in my life. So far as voices go I haven’t heard anything or had any delusions in quite some time. I blame diet I think with the addition of alcohol. Its true that we all can do some pretty foolish things drunk but you know I really don’t want to be known for that. I clearly describe some events in the book that I believe I did on a head full of Mescal plant. Its known to have hallucinogenic properties and I believe it lead to some crazy choices on my part.

Schizophrenia is a pretty serious mental illness however and nothing to joke about.  I kind of look back now and laugh a bit to myself at how much damage I did to myself when this happened.  I wrote another novel called The Pretenders but I don’t know if I will ever be able to afford publishing on this one.    I guess you could say I am digitally remastering Nowhere Near Perfect.  If you find a inner monologue interesting and what a person is thinking than this book about schizophrenia is for you.  I will be releasing it on Xlibris soon and keep a eye on it there if you wish to purchase it.  I finally broke down and edited it for commercial grade publishing.   While they suggested I leave some of it the way it was I can’t be blamed for poor editing like one reviewer made on amazon.  Perhaps if this doesn’t work out I can write childrens books.

Keep is simple stupid and I plan on this.  While I know you have many choices for books I suggest a really interesting book about a real person.  While I am sure there are many choices out there I am sure to entertain you while you read Nowhere Near Perfect a book about Schizophrenia.

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