Shia LaBeouf Arrested bodycam video

Shia LaBeouf arrested by Chatham Country Sheriff’s Office for public drunkenness. This isn’t his first run in with the law as well after a incident in June 2014 after disrupting a Broadway revival. He admitted to having a so called Napoleonic complex when he drinks he told Variety. LaBeouf is probably best known as his role as Sam Witwicky in the Transformers. According to police Shia LaBeouf ran to a hotel lobby to evade arrest after becoming disorderly in from of some women and children. His most recent acting role was playing a misfit in American Honey. Strangely enough one of his most strange behavior was on a red carpet premiere in 2014 where he wore a brown paper bag on his head saying I Am Not Famous Anymore.
I’m glad I don’t have to worry about this type of behavior. Obviously the alcohol isn’t helping this young man remain famous. I wonder if this is some kind of downward spiral. Maybe he fears he had a bit of a run in the Transformers but not being invited back on the set to the Last knight that it might be over for him. I think the Shia labeouf arrested bodycam video might be the next big screen hit. Apparently ranting and raving saying the same thing over and over again seems to be another interesting way to get attention. Once your being arrested I don’t see the need to keep ranting and raving making things worst for yourself. I wonder overall what this will do to his acting career. Then again maybe it will help? Who knows with everything going on these days in hollywood maybe things will get better now. But after at least a good 4 run ins with the law in 4 years makes this sort of like a annual thing at least for this actor. I hope he doesn’t have to do this any more. Maybe if he gets another role on a another decent film he will stop this behavior. Not the transformers though. Aim higher Shia. Mind you when Nowhere Near Perfect goes to the big screen I might need someone to play me. Its a bit over the top though. I just don’t behave this poorly when being arrested.

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