Why does it take longer to cache heavily pingbacked urls?


Seo – Search engine optimization tip

How useful are pingbacks? Is pingomatic.com really worth the extra money?  You have to wonder if the default pings that wordpress sends out to get crawlers back to your websites instantly failing?  How many data-centers do the search engines have and why have they suddenly stopped indexing certain pings.

The more the pingbacks the longer it seems to take the crawlers to come back to your website.  Its almost as you get ignored as soon as you use the service.  I thought the idea of a pingback was novel at the time but the more I want it to work the less it seems to do.  I wonder what it takes to get noticed by the mighty BING and YAHOO! search crawlers these days.  Maybe they keep ignoring pingomatic.com by default now.  Well I guess only time will tell.