Starbucks Courtenay, BC only 9 locations?

starbucksIt’s too bad Starbucks doesn’t sell a drink for every person using the bathroom.  So I go to Starbucks Courtenay today the location that’s not actually in another store but the cafe itself and I found some unusual events.

I couldn’t wait I really had to use the bathroom so I go in.  Unlike other locations this one has two unisex bathrooms which is great since there so busy apparently.  I rarely have to use the public restrooms but wow does this location ever get some serious traffic.  So I am doing my business of course and on the door handle goes and door awkwardly clanks rattle rattle rattle like 10 seconds into it.  What a racket and my heart sort of skips a beat because its so loud I laugh to myself 20 seconds later rattle rattle rattle again goes the knob.  Ok that’s odd two people need to use the facilities back to back ok that’s plausible but yet another 10 seconds go by and rattle rattle rattle.  I thought this was some sort of a prank almost as bathroom etiquette was needed for these people.  Well I finished my no.2 as quick as I could for fear the FBI would show up next maybe kick in the door or something and finished wow strange.  Now if Starbucks Courtenay, bc Canada could sell a drink or cookie or sandwich for everyone trying to use the  facility they would own much more real estate.

Not that we don’t have enough Starbucks in Courtenay with nine already do we really need two locations so close together?  Obviously Starbucks is in this for real estate and can’t really do sales comparisons to two stores within throwing distance of each other?  And as well maybe everyone going to Starbucks just to use the restroom maybe just be observant and space it out more don’t all rush the handle I maybe still be in there scared at the traffic.