Where to buy cigars

where to buy cigarsHere it is some great choice spots where to buy cigars.  If your looking to buy cigars in the USA or Canada you could always try the local smoke shop but there are a few places online.  You have to prove your age when buying a prohibited product in some places.  Importing a good cuban cigar can not exceed your personal exemption when crossing the border and believe me they check these things.  There is this great little cigar shop on cliffe ave called smoke on the water and its where I get cigars every blue moon.  Course that’s in Canada and not online which probably is where you want to buy cigars.
I have smoked cigars in the past but I am trying to quit but some cuban cigar brands are really amazing.  If you watch tv you probably know of a few famous cigar smoking scenes.  I don’t know what the appeal is really but you know it really is popular in some places.  Occasionally I will have a cigar but not so much anymore.  Most importantly I hear of cigar bars opening up in the united states.  Well good luck finding a place that sells high quality cheap cigars.

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