Difficulty merging blogs with wordpress

hackersWhile changing web hosting quite a few times I have noticed some problems with the wordpress importer tool.  While you download your posts and comments I have gone through the xml content and found some strange things.  Many comments that I have deleted came up of prescription drugs.  So many spam links these days it gets hard to stop in your comment folder.  Comment spam has to be my biggest pet peeve as I struggle to get any web traffic it seems the more popular my blog gets in search the more comment spam I find.  Hundreds of links from china as well for so many drugs.  I wonder how many others have found merging blogs with wordpress has picked up hidden links to these crafty spam blogs.  Well anyone else merging with wordpress importer tool I wish the best of luck I just wish there wasn’t a 2 meg limit on the file size for importing on most commercial web hosts.

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