Watch live Tv on Roku 3

You can watch live tv on Roku 3 with XTV code XTVIPTV .  I find xtv pretty good but like any of the live tv link apps some of them tend to go offline for days at a time.  I use the XTV for mostly the History TV which I use to pay for most of the time which when down anyway so I got tired of paying for that.  Another good app I found was on ustvnow which gave me the major networks for free but after a few months they decrease the quality of the stream on the free version.  I guess like anything there is nothing in this world free anymore but XTV seems to do exactly that and if you like watching some series tv they have some popular shows too on there on demand feature.   I think XTV is about your best bet for free and selection of live TV but like anything the streams go down a lot.

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