Millennium Tower‬ | ‪San Francisco‬‬

Millennium Tower58 story Millennium Tower in San Francisco tower for sale which has sunk 16 inches since 2009. Many claim the owner was aware the tower was sinking and looking for a quick sale to get out of the problem. In any case I would be too can you imagine having your building sink at that rate what was it built on quick sand?  They are measuring the sink rate via satellite compared to other buildings which aren’t sinking.  The great thing about some of the satellites these days as this is possible to measure with this degree of accuracy.  Two homeowners are suing the developer claiming knowledge of the problem.
I wonder what the solution is for a building with a sink rate?  I can’t imagine being able to do much about it other than rebuilding it on better land.  If the land is the problem in the first place I don’t see much being done to stop the sink reported by Sentinel-1.  Another problem everyone that resides in the building would fear is its safety during a earthquake.  Perhaps a earthquake could move the foundation enough to cause the building to topple?  While the developers insist it’s stable and can withstand an earthquake not all the residents are so confident.  I feel sorry for anyone living in this tower and can’t imagine being faced with data like this. As the Millennium Tower‬ sinks I bet so does everyone’s heart as they list off center around all the other stable buildings.  Jerry Dodson one of the tenants believe the word from the owners is that the buildings sinking rate is slowing or stopping but the satellite data seems to differ.
I would be worried but then again I am a worry wart when it comes to this stuff.  I can’t imagine the stability of my building being in question ever since the cost of living on the 42nd floor of any building would be next to impossible.  Well good luck to all the residents in California suing the owners, but what can you expect for a building built on a landfill?

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